Postgraduate Research

The Department of Medicine supports and showcases the research conducted by its postgraduate trainees.  The overall philosophy is to establish a research environment for trainees that encourages them to consider careers as clinician scientists, and that attracts the best and brightest trainees to Ottawa.  Below, information is provided regarding some of the programs dedicated to research training.

Clinical Investigator Program

The Clinician Investigator Program received approval by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in 2001. The major goal of the Clinician Investigator Program (CIP) is to assist in the career development of clinician/investigators in Canada by providing a formal postgraduate medical education pathway that fulfils the existing specialty/subspecialty requirements of the Royal College and provides, in addition, a minimum of two years of structured, rigorous research training. It is recognized that two years of research training is usually insufficient to embark on a career as a medical scientist, but individuals who complete the program should have a solid grounding in research and, with additional career specific research experience, may become independent investigators. Complete program information and application process can be found on the Clinical Investigators Program web site Р

Mentorship and Funding Support for Postgraduate Trainees

Mentorship is a key component to research success. Expert mentorship exists within the Department of Medicine, for trainees and staff members, especially those designated as junior investigators. The RAC also provides mentorship support for investigators who seek assistance with preparation of grant proposals for the internal awards programs.

Resident Research Day

Resident Research Day was designed to encourage residents to critically assess medical evidence, to introduce them to the skills required to design, conduct, and interpret a scholarly project, to strengthening mentorship relationships with faculty and to create a non-threatening, yet competitive, environment for scholarly activities to be completed. View 2017 Research Day winners.

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