Alan T. Tinmouth MD MSc (Clin Epi) FRCPC

Faculty Career Path: Clinician Scientist

Head, General Hematology and Transfusion Medicine, Division of Hematology, The Ottawa Hospital

Scientist, University of Ottawa Centre for Transfusion Research, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Assistant Professor, Departments of Medicine, and Laboratory Medicine & Pathology, University of Ottawa

Dr. Tinmouth is an Assistant Professor in Medicine (Hematology) at the University of Ottawa and Associate Staff at the Ottawa Hospital since September 2002. Dr. Tinmouth is the Head of General Hematology and Transfusion Medicine. He is also a scientist at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and a member of the University of Ottawa Centre for Transfusion Research. Dr. Tinmouth previously served as Associate Medical Director at the Canadian Blood Services Toronto Centre in 2001-2002 and continues to work as medical consultant to the Canadian Blood Services in Ottawa.

Dr. Tinmouth received his M.D. from the University of Calgary in 1994 and a MSc (Clinical Epidemiology) from the University of Toronto in 2003. He completed his residency in Internal Medicine and Hematology at the University of Western Ontario (1994-1999). Subsequently he completed a fellowship in Transfusion Medicine at the Canadian Blood Services and the University Health Network in Toronto (1999-2001). Dr. Tinmouth’s research is supported by the Canadian Blood Services and the Canadian Institute of Health Research. Dr. Tinmouth’s principal areas of research interest are the use of blood products, specifically Frozen Plasma and platelets, as hemostatic agents to achieve or maintain hemostasis. More recently, he is also pursuing knowledge transfer research in transfusion medicine, specifically the use of interventions to change physician transfusion practice. Currently, Dr. Tinmouth is undertaking 2 multicentre observational studies examining the appropriateness of Frozen Plasma transfusions and the use of Frozen Plasma in Cardiac Surgery. Dr. Tinmouth recently completed trial of FFP dosing study in critical care patients and he has previously taken part in platelet dose studies in patients with hematologic malignancies. Dr. Tinmouth is also undertaking knowledge transfer studies to understand and improve both red blood cell and Frozen Plasma transfusion use in various clinical areas including critical care, orthopoedics and general surgery. Dr. Tinmouth collaborates with other members of the University of Ottawa Centre for Transfusion Research on studies evaluating the effect of transfusing older red blood cell units and the use of albumin in critical care patients, and the BEST (Biomedical Excellence for Safer Transfusion) research group on monitoring the use of blood products by transfusion medicine services.