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  • Isabelle Bence-Bruckler MD FRCPC

    Physician Bio

    Faculty Career Path: Clinician Investigator

    Isabelle Bence-Bruckler is an Associate Professor at The Ottawa Hospital. She is a Clinical Hematologist and member of the Bone Marrow Transplant Program. She is the Clinical Director of the Lymphoma Program and of the Malignant Hematology Trials Group. She is on the Scientific Advisory Board of Lymphoma Foundation Canada and a member of the Ontario Hematology Provincial Disease Site Group.

    Her clinical interests are in lymphoproliferative disorders and CML.

    Physician Contact
    Title: Clinical Hematologist

    The Ottawa Hospital
    General Campus
    Room 7209

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    Administrative Contact
    Name: Alana Lafontaine
    Phone: 613 737 8899 ext. 76021
    Fax: 613 737 8861
    Mailing Address: The Ottawa Hospital General Campus 501 Smyth Road Box 704, Room 7209 Ottawa ON K1H 8L6
  • Khadija Bhimji MD MSc CCFP FCFP

    Physician Bio

    Faculty Career Path – Clinician Teacher

    Dr. Khadija Bhimji is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Palliative Care at the University of Ottawa.

    Dr. Bhimji is a Palliative Care physician with the Palliative Care Consultation Service at both The Ottawa Hospital and Queensway Carleton Hospital. She also provides consultation services for outpatients at The Ottawa Hospital’s Irving Greenberg Family Cancer Centre located at the Queensway Carleton Hospital site.

    Dr. Bhimji completed her medical school at the University of British Columbia in 1990. She continued her studies in the Family Medicine and Internal Medicine residency programs from 1990-1993 at the University of Ottawa. Dr. Bhimji worked as an independent family practitioner and as a General Practitioner in Medical Oncology in the Ottawa area from 1993-2002. She then opted to pursue fellowship training from 2003-2004 in the Palliative Medicine Residency Program at the University of Ottawa.

    In February 2004, Dr. Bhimji joined the Division of Palliative Care, University of Ottawa. She currently focuses her work on her clinical responsibilities and is involved in teaching learners through our Palliative Medicine Residency Program with the University of Ottawa. Her main interest focuses on palliative care for non-malignant diseases.

    Physician Contact
    Title: Physician, Palliative Care
    Phone: 613 737 8899 ext 25350


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    Administrative Contact
    Name: No admin
  • Mohan Biyani M FRCPC

    Physician Bio

    Dr. Mohan Biyani is an Asst. Professor of Medicine at The Ottawa Hospital and the University of Ottawa. He received his medical undergraduate and postgraduate education at GMC Aurangabad, University of Marathwada, India and subsequently completed fellowship in Nephrology and awarded Doctorate of Medicine from University of Mumbai, India.

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  • Dominick Boss√© MD, MSc

    Physician Bio

    Dr. Bossé is a Medical Oncologist who specializes in Genitourinary and Gastrointestinal cancers. He completed his Medical School, Master in Physiology and Biophysics and Internal Medicine training at the Université de Sherbrooke in Québec. He did his Medical Oncology residency at the University of Ottawa in 2016, followed by a clinical research fellowship at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. Dr. Bossé is also pursuing a Master in Public Health at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. He has a marked interest in research and has published his work in peer-reviewed journals. He was awarded the Conquer Cancer Foundation Merit Award for his work in kidney cancer presented at the ASCO Genitourinary Symposium 2018.

    Physician Contact
    Title: Medical Oncologist
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    Administrative Contact
    Name: Louise Deck
    Phone: Ext: 70175
  • Majdi Boulos MD FRCPC

    Physician Bio

    Dr. Majdi Boulos has been recently appointed to the Department of Medicine in the Division of Gastroenterology.

    He obtained his B. Sc. (Hon) in Biochemistry prior to competing his medical degree at the University of Ottawa. He completed his Internal Medicine and subspecialty training in Gastroenterology at the University of Ottawa.

    Dr. Boulos practices General Gastroenterology at the Ottawa Hospital, General Campus. He is currently involved in undergraduate medical education as the francophone co-chair of the Gastroenterology Block at the University of Ottawa.

    Physician Contact
    Title: Gastroenterologist
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    Administrative Contact
    Name: Sonia Cleroux
    Phone: 613-738-8400 ext. 82197
    Mailing Address: 501 Smyth Road, Box 239 Ottawa ON K1H 8L6
  • Pierre Bourque MD FRCPC

    Physician Bio

    Pierre Bourque MD FRCPC

    Facultly Career Path: Clinician Educator

    Dr Pierre Bourque has led the Division of Neurology at The Ottawa Hospital for the past 3 years. During this period, the Division of Neurology has been successful in recruiting several high tier clinician scientists and dedicated clinical teachers.

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    Physician Contact
    Title: Chief, Division of Neurology (Neuromuscular subspecialty)
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    Administrative Contact
    Name: Janine Klaas
    Phone: 613 798 5555 ext. 18160
    Fax: 613 761 5360
    Mailing Address: The Ottawa Hospital - Civic Campus 1053 Carling Avenue, Box 615 Ottawa, ON K1Y 4E9