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  • Fran√ßois Raymond MD FRCPC

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    Career Path – Clinician Teacher

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    Physician Contact
    Title: Nuclear Medicine Physician
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    Administrative Contact
    Name: Kathya Jean-Baptiste
    Phone: 613 737 8528 ext. 72707
    Fax: 613 737 8705
    Mailing Address: The Ottawa Hospital General Campus 501 Smyth Road, Box 240 Ottawa ON K1H 8L6
  • Neil Reaume MD FRCPC

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    Neil Reaume MD FRCPC

    Dr. Reaume is a medical oncologist who completed his medical school at the University of Ottawa (1994), internal medicine training at Dalhousie University in Halifax, and then completed his medical oncology fellowship back at the University of Ottawa.

    He also completed his Masters of Science in Clinical Epidemiology at the University of Ottawa and also participated in the inaugural Ulysses International Masters program for health technology assessment.

    Dr. Reaume has been on staff at The Ottawa Hospital Regional Cancer Centre since 2001.  His practice is primarily lung and genitourinary cancers.

    He is currently a member of the National Cancer Institute of Canada’s Working Group on Economic Analysis.

    He is a co-investigator on the CIHR funded Life Cycles of Evidence in Cancer Care study lead by Drs. Jeremy Grimshaw and Ian Graham.


    Physician Contact
    Title: Medical Oncologist, Program Director
    Phone: 613 737 7700 ext. 70175
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  • Leo Philip Renaud BA, MD, PhD, FRCPC, FRSC

    Physician Bio

    Career Orientation: Research

    Leo Renaudobtained a Bachelor of Arts (Premed) in 1961followed by a MD from the University of Ottawa in 1965. After clinical and basic research training in neuroscience at McGill University, including a PhD in Physiology, he joined McGill’s Dept of Neurology & Neurosurgery in 1973 and was based at the Montreal General Hospital. As an MRC Scholar and a founding member of the Centre for Research in Neuroscience, he balanced his time between clinical neurophysiology (EEG and EMG clinics) and the development of an internationally recognized basic neuroscience team focused on synaptic transmission in hypothalamic neurosecretory neurons. He achieved full Professorship at McGill in 1981. In 1978 he was accepted as Fellow (Medical Scientist category) of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, wining their Medal in Medicine in 1984. The Renaud lab at McGill was home to many trainees, postdocs and international visitors, and was sustained by operating and salary support from MRC, HSF and FRSQ, focused on cellular physiology and pharmacology of neurotransmission in the hypothalamus. A strong supporter of research at many levels, he saw service on intra- and extra-university committees, including President of the Canadian Physiological Society, and the Canadian Association for Neuroscience. In 1990, he accepted the invitation to assist in the development of clinical and basic neuroscience at the University of Ottawa as Chief of the Neurology Division of the Department of Medicine, based at the Civic Hospital campus. While sustaining a research focus in cellular neurophysiology, he continues to support the development of basic and clinical research within the Department of Medicine and the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute. In 1995 he received a 5 yr MRC Distinguished Scientist award, in 2000 was appointed as a Fellow in the Royal Society of Canada, and for the past decade was the holder of the J David Grimes Research Chair at the Ottawa Health Research Institute. He currently Chairs the OHRI Scientist Review and Re-Appointment Committee and the Department of Medicine Research Advisory Committee.

    Physician Contact
    Title: Leo Renaud
    Phone: 6137615070

    725 Parkdale Ave.,
    Loeb Building,
    Room M012

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    Administrative Contact
    Name: Nella Bianconi
    Phone: 6137985555 ext 15073
    Fax: 6137615330
    Mailing Address: 725 Parkdale Ave., Ottawa ON K1Y 4E9
  • Jill Rice MD CCFP

    Physician Bio

    Jill Rice MD CCFP

    Dr. Jill Rice (B.Arts Sci, M.A, M.D, MHSc, CCFP (PC)) is a Member of the Division of Palliative Care and a physician for the Champlain Regional Palliative Consultation Team, an inter-professional program providing support to healthcare teams caring for patients with palliative care needs in the community. She is an Assistant Professor at the University of Ottawa and the Regional Palliative Care Lead for the Champlain LHIN and the Ottawa Regional Cancer Program.

    Dr. Rice graduated from the University of Ottawa medical school in 1997. After completing a residency in rural family medicine at Memorial University of Newfoundland she worked in Newfoundland before returning to Ontario. In 2002-3 she completed a Year of Added Competency in Palliative Medicine at the University of Ottawa and in 2014 her MHSc. in Bioethics at the University of Toronto.

    Physician Contact
    Title: Acting Division Head, Palliative Care
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    Administrative Contact
    Name: Rose Ireland
    Phone: 613 562 6262 ext 4008
    Fax: 613 562 6371
    Mailing Address: Bruy√®re Continuing Care √Člisabeth Bruy√®re Hospital 43 Bruy√®re Street, Room 269-J Ottawa, ON K1N 5C8
  • Marc Rodger MD FRCPC

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    Marc A. Rodger MD FRCPC MSc (Epidemiology)

    Faculty Career Path – Clinician Scientist

    Dr. Marc Rodger, M.D., FRCP(C), MSc. is a Professor in the Faculty of Medicine, Departments of Medicine, Epidemiology and Community Medicine and Obstetrics and Gynecology. He is the Head of the Division of Hematology and the Head of the Thrombosis Program. He is a Senior Scientist at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute. He holds a Faculty of Medicine Clinical Research Chair in Venous Thrombosis and Thrombophilia and a Career Scientist Award from the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada.

    Dr. Rodger received his B.Sc from McGill University and his M.D., M.Sc. (Clinical Epidemiology) from the University of Ottawa. He completed his residency in Internal Medicine and fellowships in Hematology and Thrombosis at the University of Ottawa. Dr. Rodger’s research program is focused on Venous Thrombosis and Thrombophilia, with specific focus on (1) Thrombosis/ Thrombophilia in Pregnancy and (2) Optimal Management of Venous Thrombosis. Dr. Rodger founded the General Campus Thrombosis Program in 1998, led the successful merger with the Civic Campus Thrombosis Program founded by Dr. Wells in 2002, and led the development of the Champlain LHIN Regional Thrombosis Program which was launched in 2010. As Chief of Hematology, Dr. Rodger also led the development of The Ottawa Blood Disease Centre: A state of the art world class facility housing the clinical, research, teaching and administrative components of the Division of Hematology. The center opened in 2012.

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    Physician Contact
    Title: Head, Division of Hematology
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    Administrative Contact
    Name: Michèle Willson
    Phone: 613 737 8899 ext. 74641
    Fax: 613 739 6102
    Mailing Address: Ottawa Hospital, General Campus, Box 201 A Ottawa, ON K1H 8L6
  • Alaa Rostom MD M.Sc FRCPC

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    Alaa Rostom MD M.Sc FRCPC

    Head, Division of Gastroenterology

    Dr. Rostom returned to Ottawa from the University of Calgary where he spent 7 years planning and implementing the Calgary zone colorectal cancer screening program. He held several positions in Calgary including deputy chief division of gastroenterology, zone medical director of the Alberta colorectal screening program and medical director of the Colon Cancer Screening Centre.

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    Physician Contact
    Title: Division Head, Gastroenterology
    Phone: TBD

    Civic Campus

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    Administrative Contact
    Name: Chris Brown
    Phone: 613 798 5555 ext. 10215
    Fax: 613 761 5487