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  • Jeffrey McCurdy MD PhD FRCPC

    Physician Bio

    Career Path: Clinician Teacher

    Dr. McCurdy joined the Department of Medicine, Division of gastroenterology in 2013. He received his PhD in Immunology from Dalhousie University in 2004, and his MD from the University of Ottawa in 2007. He completed his Internal Medicine (2010) and Gastroenterology (2012) training at Dalhousie University. Following this he completed an advanced fellowship in Inflammatory Bowel Disease at Mayo Clinic, Rochester in 2013.

    His research interests include: understanding the role of cytomegalovirus in the pathogenicity of inflammatory bowel disease and identifying predictors of disease related outcomes in inflammatory bowel disease.

    Physician Contact
    Title: Jeffrey McCurdy
    Phone: 613-798-5555 ext: 10254
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    Administrative Contact
    Name: Jenna Fourney
    Phone: 10254
    Fax: 613-761-4949
  • Arleigh McCurdy MD FRCPC

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    Bio pending

    Physician Contact
    Title: Clinical Hematologist

    The Ottawa Hospital
    General Campus
    501 Smyth Road, Room 7209
    Ottawa, ON K1H 8L6

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    Administrative Contact
    Name: Kimberly Hutson-Ladouceur
    Phone: Ext: 71281
    Fax: (613) 737-8861
    Mailing Address: The Ottawa Hospital General Campus 501 Smyth Road, Room 7209 Ottawa, ON K1H 8L6
  • Jennifer McDonald MD, FRCPC, CSCN Diplomate (EMG)

    Physician Bio

    Dr. Jennifer McDonald has been appointed to the Department of Medicine in the Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and cross-appointed to the Department of Anesthesia and Pain Medicine, effective July 2017. She is a Lecturer at the University of Ottawa and a Clinician Teacher.

    Dr. McDonald graduated from McGill University (2007) with a B. Sc (Hon) in Microbiology and Immunology. After obtaining her M.D. from the University of Toronto (2011), she completed her residency training in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of Ottawa (2016). With a special interest in musculoskeletal and neuropathic pain, Dr. McDonald pursued additional fellowship training in Pain Medicine at the University of Toronto, Department of Anesthesia and Pain Medicine (2017).

    Dr. McDonald’s clinical interests include complex musculoskeletal medicine, sport medicine, electrophysiology and comprehensive pain management, including interventional procedures. Her academic interests include developing and formalizing an interventional musculoskeletal pain curriculum to include ultrasound-guided and fluoroscopically-guided procedural skills.

    Administrative Contact
    Name: Louise Brazeau
    Phone: 613-737-8899 x 75591
    Fax: 613-739-6864
    Mailing Address: 505 Smyth Road, Ottawa On, K1H 8M2 Room 1105
  • Sharon McGee MD, FRCPC, BSc, PhD

    Physician Bio

    Dr. Sharon F. McGee, MD, PhD, FRCP(C), is a medical oncologist at the Ottawa hospital cancer centre, with subspecialty in breast cancer, and specific research interests in young women with breast cancer, and pragmatic clinical trials. She began her medical career with the completion of a doctoral degree in breast cancer biology at the University College Dublin, Ireland, after which, she obtained her medical degree at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. She completed her internal medicine training at the Mount Sinai, Icahn School of Medicine in New York, and her medical oncology training at the University of Ottawa in Canada. She is certified in internal medicine in both the United States and Canada, with pending certification in medical oncology.

    Physician Contact
    Title: Medical Oncologist
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    Administrative Contact
    Name: Stefania Ianni
    Phone: 70170
  • Duncan McIlraith MD FRCPC

    Physician Bio

    Faculty Career Path: Clinician Teacher

    Bio not available at this time.

    Physician Contact
    Title: Neurologist
    Phone: 613 482 4163
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    Administrative Contact
    Fax: 613 907 8003
    Mailing Address: 713 Montreal Road Ottawa, ON K1K 0T2
  • David Messika-Zeitoun MD PhD

    Physician Bio

    Dr David Messika-Zeitoun has been recently appointed to the Department of Medicine in the Division of Cardiology, effective January 2018.

    Dr Messika-Zeitoun graduated from medical school at the University Paris VI (Pitié-Salpétriere) in Paris in 1992. He completed his training in Cardiology in Paris and become assistant professor at Tenon hospital in 1999. After a two-years research fellowship at the Mayo Clinic (2001-2003), he returned to Bichat hospital as a staff member of the division of Cardiology. He completed his PhD in 2009 and he was appointed full Professor of Cardiology in 2013.

    Dr Messika-Zeitoun is a non-invasive cardiologist specialized in echocardiography and Valvular Heart Disease. He has a special interest in imaging and new transcatheter therapies.

    Physician Contact
    Title: Cardiologist

    Heart Institue

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    Administrative Contact
    Name: Donna Justus
    Phone: 613-696-7337