Patient Quality and Safety

The Patient Quality and Safety Committee (PQ&SC) was formed in 2010 to help fulfil the core commitment of the Department of Medicine and its divisions at The Ottawa Hospital and the University of Ottawa to patient safety and continuous quality improvement.

The committee is chaired by the departmental Vice-Chair for Quality & Clinical Services, Dr. Alan Forster and each division has representation. The committee reports to the Chair of the Department, Dr. Philip Wells, and the Departmental Executive.

The committee aims to improve quality and patient safety by committing to improve performance. Our mandate is to improve quality indicators including, but not limited to: improving the referral process, reducing readmissions, improving hand hygiene compliance and standardizing morbidity and mortality rounds. Each division within the Department of Medicine has also committed to the development and execution of one quality improvement project for 2013/2014.

Patient Quality & Safety Awards

The 2015 Patient Quality and Safety Research Project call for submissions is now closed. We thank you for your proposals. The submissions have been reviewed by a subcommittee of the Quality and Clinical Services committee and have reported to the Department of Medicine Chair and Chief, Dr. Phil Wells and the Executive Committee. Successful projects as follows:

PQ&S 2015 Grants – Successful Applicants

Principle Investigator: Aun Yeong Chong

Project Title: The Radial Lounge – Improving patient journey and safety of cardiac catheterization at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute

Investigators: Joseph Abunassar

Principle Investigator: Marc Reeson

Project Title: Defibrillator design and usability may be impeding timely defibrillation

Investigators: Gianni D’Egidio

Principle Investigator: Michael Sawchuk

Project Title: General Hospital Dermatology Clinics in Ottawa – Waiting Room Time Tracking

Investigators: Simone Fahim

Principle Investigator: Stephanie Dizon

Project Title: Don’t get sidelined with diabetes”: Developing resources to keep adults with type 1 diabetes off the sidelines

Investigators: Janine Malcolm & Erin Keely

Principle Investigator: Paul James

Project Title: Optimizing the Procedure Reporting, Diagnostic Yield and Patient Safety of Endoscopic Ultrasound-Guided Fine Needle Aspiration for Solid Pancreatic Lesions: A Quality Assurance (RYSE QA) Study

Investigators: Avi Chatterjee, Celia Marginean, Guillaume Martel, Michael Abunassar, Sanjay Murthy, Catherine Dube & Alaa Rostom

Principle Investigator: Daniel Kobewka

Project Title: Prospective cohort of a multi-faceted intervention to increase the proportion of patients who complete advanced care planning post discharge

Investigators: Tom Foreman, Alan Forster & Delvina Hasimja

Principle Investigator: Nahid Azad

Project Title: Achieving Excellence in CHF Care: GMU Opportunity Assessment

Investigators: Genevieve Lemay, Jennifer Li & Lara Khoury

Principle Investigator: Elianna Saidenberg

Project Title: Creation and Assessment of a Transfusion Consent Patient Education Tool

Investigators: Viren N. Naik & Alan Tinmouth

Principle Investigator: Caroline Nott & Kathryn Suh

Project Title: Improving individual physician antibiotic prescribing behavior and accountability through audit and feedback

Investigators: Jamie Brehaut, Alan Forster, Jeremy Grimshaw & Janet Squires

Principle Investigator: Michael Vickers

Project Title: Preventing severe hypomagnesemia from anti-cancer therapies: Assessment of clinical significance and defining a treatment strategy

Investigators: Mark Clemons, Tim Asmis, Kristopher Dennis, John Hilton, Jeffrey Sulpher, Derek Jonker, Rachel Goodwin, Paul Wheatley-Price, Neil Reaume, Kelly Daigle, Brian Hutton, Nina Ghosh, Mouhannad Sadek, Pierre Antoine Brown

Principle Investigator: Edward Clark

Project Title: Preventing Unnecessary Renal Replacement Therapy for Acute Kidney Injury: A Quality Improvement Project

Investigators: Swapnil Hiremath, Manish M. Sood & Pierre Antoine Brown

Principle Investigator: Neil Thomas

Project Title: Cognitive Screening in Post-stroke Patients

Investigators: Joanne Walsh, Lise Zakutney & Grant Stotts

Principle Investigator: Edward Fitzgibbon

Project Title: Advance Care and Serious Illness Treatment Planning: Raising the Bar through a TOH Patient Quality Improvement Project

Investigators: Ruth Ellen, Christopher Klinger, Jill Rice, Lynn Kachuik & Brian McKee

Principle Investigator: Sunita Mulpuru

Project Title: Implementing a Care Pathway for COPD Patients at TOH: A Pilot Feasibility Study

Investigators: Jacqueline Sandoz, Caroline Tessier, Smita Pakhale, Nha Voduc & Alan Forster

PQ&S 2014 Grants – Successful Applicants

Principle Investigator: Ben Chow

Project Title: Improving Appropriate Use of Cardiac Imaging

Investigators: NA

Principle Investigator: Angeline Law

Project Title: Structured Verbal Handover Training to Improve Patient Safety on a Cardiology Service

Investigators: Nadine Gauthier, Christopher Johnson, Kathy Day

Principle Investigator: Gianni D’Egidio

Project Title: Emergency Manual for Cardiac Arrest

Investigators: Stephen van Gaal, Redouane Bouali, Tim Ramsay

Principle Investigator: Erin Rosenberg & Gerald Wolff

Project Title: Implementation of evidenced-based guidelines for the management of pain, agitation and delirium to facilitate early mobilization in the Intensive Care Unit: A Quality Improvement Project

Investigators: Pierre Cardinal, Salmaan Kanji

Principle Investigator: Steven Glassman

Project Title: Tracking OTN teledermatology recommendations: a pilot study

Investigators: Ashley O’Toole

Principle Investigator: Heidi Dutton

Project Title: Patient Quality and Improvement Project Grant

Investigators: Andrew Aw, Jason Tay, Janine Malcolm, Filomena De Sousa, Erin Keely

Principle Investigator: Catherine Dube

Project Title: A Pilot Study of the use of a mobile application to gather feedback from patients undergoing endoscopic procedures

Investigators: Ralph Lee, Alaa Rostom

Principle Investigator: Loree Boyle

Project Title: Evaluation of in-hospital code blue resuscitation via in situ simulation: a prospective simulation study

Investigators: Nandini Gupta, Glenn Posner

Principle Investigator: Barbara Power

Project Title: Implementation of Delirium Screening, Interventions and Incidence Indicators for a Vascular Population. A Feasibility Study

Investigators: Dianne Rossy, Lara Khoury, Ruth Ellen

Principle Investigator: Lisa Duffet

Project Title: Venous thromboembolic disease patient education: A quality improvement research proposal

Investigators: Phil Wells

Principle Investigator: Anne E. McCarthy

Project Title: Optimizing and evaluating the Ottawa Regional Tuberculosis Program

Investigators: NA

Principle Investigator: Deborah Zimmerman

Project Title: Patient’s choice of vascular access for chronic hemodialysis and health literacy

Investigators: Andrea Mazarova

Principle Investigator: Pierre Antoine Brown

Project Title: Introduction of an Anemia Management Protocol for CKD patients at TOH: A Quality Improvement Project.

Investigators: Ayub Akbari, Swapnil Hiremath

Principle Investigator: Stephen Van Gaal

Project Title: Lean Methodology to reduce door-to-needle times in stroke

Investigators: Grant Stotts

Principle Investigator: Patrick Martineau

Project Title: SPECT vs SPECT-CT in the evaluation of bone metastases

Investigators: Matthieu Pelletier-Galarneau, Lionel S. Zuckier

Principle Investigator: Mark Clemons

Project Title: Feasibility of using an Integrated Consent Model to Compare Two Standard of Care Regimens for Primary Prophylaxis of Taxotere/Cyclophosphamide-Induced Febrile Neutropenia

Investigators: Sasha Mazzarello, Angel Arnaout, Dean Fergusson, Brian Hutton, Ian Graham, Susan Dent, David Stewart

Principle Investigator: Edward Fitzgibbon

Project Title: Innovative Technology: Using iPads to Optimize Pain Control and Reduce Length of Stay. A TOH Patient Quality Improvement Project

Investigators: Lynn Kachuik, Virginia Jarvis, Sylvie Bruyere

Principle Investigator: Smita Pakhale

Project Title: Participatory Research in Ottawa: Management and Point-of-care of Tobacco dependence To improve Quality, Safety and Longevity of life: (The PROMPT Study)

Investigators: Mark Tyndall, Andrew Pipe, Robert Reid, Kerri-Anne Mullen, Donna Pettey, Wendy Muckle

Principle Investigator: Ines Midzic

Project Title: The Development of a Biologics Safety and Screening Tool at The Ottawa Hospital

Investigators: Doug Smith, Emily Sharples, Sheryl Izzi, Courtney Laginski, Kim McKay, Dr. Anne McCarthy, Dr. John Thomson, Dr. Susan Humphrey-Murto

PQ&S 2013 Grants – Successful Applicants

A grant review subcommittee of the Patient Quality & Safety Committee (PQ&SC) of the Department of Medicine (DOM) met on May 10th, 2013 to review applications for the Patient Quality and Improvement Projects and the following projects were approved for funding:

Principal applicant: Michel Le May

Project title: The University of Ottawa Heart Institute Anticoagulation Rule for STEMI patients

Investigators: Michel Le May, Lloyd Duchesne, Rob Beanlands, George Wells

Principal applicant: Christopher Johnson

Project title: The development of a predictive model to estimate cardiotoxix risk for patients receiving both anthracyline chemotherapy and trastuzumab.

Investigators: Christopher Johnson, Susan Dent, Angeline Law, Jeffrey Sulpher, George Dranitsaris

Principal applicant: Gianni D’Egidio

Project title: Application of System Safety Process to Eliminate Patient Identification Errors due to Physical and Virtual Proximity

Investigators: Gianni D’Egidio, Pierre Cardinal, Tim Ramsay, Erin Rosenberg, Dalibor Kubelik

Principal applicant: Chloé E. Ward

Project title: False negative rate of sentinel lymph node detection of metastatic melanoma: The Ottawa experience

Investigators: Chloé E. Ward, Jennifer MacIsaac, Scott Bradshaw, Caroline Heughan, Louis Weatherhead

Principal applicant: Janine Malcolm

Project title: Improving the Care of Patients with Pituitary Disease at The Ottawa Hospital

Investigators: Janine Malcolm, Dora Liu, Amel Arnaout, Erin Keely

Principal applicant: Avijit Chatterjee

Project title: EUS-guided FNA of pancreatic cancers improves patient outcomes compared to percutaneous biopsies by providing a safer and more accurate method of tissue diagnosis

Investigators: Avijit Chatterjee, Terrence Moyana, Tim Ramsay

Principal applicant: Delvina Hasimja

Project title: Foley Catheter Quality Improvement Project

Investigators: Delvina Hasimja, Krista Wooller

Principal applicant: Barbara Power

Project title: Implementation of Delirium Screening, Prevalence and Incidence Indicators for an Orthopedic Population: A Feasibility Study

Investigators: Barbara Power, Lara Khoury, Dianne Rossy, Susan Phillips

Principal applicant: Jason Tay

Project title: Centralizing, standardizing and evaluating TOH hematology consultation services

Investigators: Jason Tay

Principal applicant: Sunil Varghese

Project title: An Outpatient Parenteral Antibiotic Therapy Program for Skin and Soft Tissue Infections, to Improve Patient Care and Reduce Utilization of Hospital Resources

Investigators: Sunil Varghese, Greg Rose, Yoko Schreiber, Kathryn Suh, Craig Lee

Principal applicant: Pierre Antoine Brown

Project title: Why do CKD patients require urgent dialysis initiation? A Quality Improvement Project

Investigators: Pierre Antoine Brown, Ayub Akbari, Swapnil Hiremath

Principal applicant: Samuel Lapalme-Remis

Project title: The Patient Experience of Lumbar Puncture at TOH: A Qualitative Descriptive Study

Investigators: Samuel Lapalme-Remis, Mary Ellen Macdonald, Colin Chalk, Pierre Bourque, Heather MacLean, David Grimes

Principal applicant: Patrick Martineau

Project title: Factors Affecting the Reproducibility of Sentinel Node Lymphoscintigraphy in Malignant Melanoma: A Patient Quality and Improvement Project

Investigators: Patrick Martineau, Lionel Zuckier

Principal applicant: Demetrios Simos/ Mark Clemons

Project title: Peri-operative imaging for metastatic disease in patients with operable breast cancer: improving both the quality and safety of patient care while decreasing costs

Investigators: Demetrios Simos, Mark Clemons , Susan Dent, Dean Fergusson, Brian Hutton, Ian Graham, Carl Van Walraven

Principal applicant: Edward Fitzgibbon

Project title: Seamless Transitions in Palliative Care across Care Settings. A TOH Patient Quality Improvement Project

Investigators: Edward Fitzgibbon, Jose Pereira, Lynn Kachuik, Kathryn Nichol, Erin O’Connor

Principal applicant: Kayvan Amjadi

Project title: Improved Quality of Life using the ASEPT Catheter for Management of Malignant Effusions

Investigators: Kayvan Amjadi, Allison Graver, Lynn Kachuik, Lorraine Cake

PQ&S 2012 Grants – Successful Applicants

Principal applicant: Sunita Mulpuru

Project title: Analysis of Use and Cost of Nasopharyngeal Swabs at The Ottawa Hospital

Investigators: Sunita Mulpuru & Alan Forster

Principal applicant: Franco Momoli

Project title: NO TITLE – Plan to study the impact of specific interventions aimed at improving quality indicators in colonoscopy

Investigators: Avijit Chatterjee, Ralph Lee, Ramy Abaskharoun, Franco Momoli

Principal applicant: Janine Malcolm/Sharon Brez

Project Title: Implementation of Standardized Best Practices for Reducing Diabetes Foot Ulcer Risk

Investigators: Janine Malcolm, Sharon Brez, Sheryl Izzi

Principal applicant: Phil Wells/Dimitri Scarvelis/Lana Castellucci/Esteban Gandara

Project title: Improving the care of patients who require temporary interruption of anticoagulants

Investigators: Esteban Gandara, Lana Castellucci, Kerstin Hogg, Dimitri Scarvelis, Phil Wells

Principal applicant: David Allan

Project title: Improving Patient Safety by Optimizing Use of Single Donor Apheresis Platelets for Patients Undergoing Blood & Marrow Transplantation at The Ottawa Hospital

Investigators: David Allan, Christopher Bredeson, Jason Tay, Antonio Giulivi, Melanie Tokessy

Principal applicant: Carl Van Walraven/ Alan Forster

Project title: Ottawa Avoidable Readmission Study (OARS)

Investigators: Carl Van Walraven & Alan Forster

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