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Finance and UMA

Dr. Alan Karovitch

Dr. Alan Karovitch is the Vice Chair of Finances for the Ottawa Department of Medicine.  As part of this role he is Chair of the University of Ottawa Medical Associates (UMA), a partnership organization that comprises most members of the Ottawa Department of Medicine. He is currently Chief/Head of the Division of General Internal Medicine at The Ottawa Hospital/ University of Ottawa.

As Vice Chair of Finances he oversees the financial issues as they pertain to funding key operational issues of the department.  These include allocation of funds from the hospital, the university as well as the AFP funds from the ministry of health.   These funds are used to support educational, research, recruitment and clinical endeavours within the department.  In collaboration with the Department of Medicine executive, Department Chair and the UOMA board, the Vice Chair of Finances helps to support key initiatives and program development.

Dr. Karovitch received his MDCM from McGill University in 1991.¬† He completed his training in Internal Medicine at the University of Ottawa in 1995.¬† He obtained his Master’s Degree in Education from the University of Toronto in 2002. He is currently Associate Professor at the University of Ottawa. ¬†He works primarily as a General Internal Medicine specialist with a focus on Obstetric Medicine.¬† He is currently vice-president of the North American Society of Obstetric Medicine.¬†¬† He also has an interest in Thrombosis care and is an active member of the Ottawa Hospital Thrombosis Unit. Dr. Karovitch also has an interest in supporting Northern Healthcare initiatives.