Medical Education Research

Several members of the Department of Medicine have chosen medical education as their area of academic pursuit. The Department of Medicine supports members whose academic career is focused on medical education by providing education career awards and education grants through the University Medical Associates (UMA) practice plan.

This program contributes to and facilitates the opportunity for the department to promote innovation, quality and scholarship in education. Highest priority is given to support those educational activities and functions that are central to the academic mission of the department. The goals of the program are to:

  1. promote excellence in education at the undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing professional development levels
  2. encourage innovation in teaching, evaluation, and curriculum development
  3. establish medical education as a legitimate area of academic pursuit
  4. enhance the recruitment of the best clinician educators/teachers to the department of medicine, and
  5. assess and promote the contribution of clinician educators/teachers to the Faculty of Medicine.

The Department of Medicine runs various competitions for education funding awards each year.

Medical Education Research / Medical Innovation Project Grant

The Education Grants program in the Department of Medicine developed this award to provide members of the Department of Medicine with an opportunity to develop research projects in medical education or design, implement, and evaluate innovations in medical education.

Applicants must be members of the Department of Medicine. The Principal applicant must be a member of the University of Ottawa Medical Associates practice plan. Projects will be selected based on educational merit and quality as determined by the selection committee.  Preference may be given to projects that enhance or potentially impact education within the DOM.

Medical Education Research Award

The Medical Education Research Awards are available to provide salary support for members of the Department of Medicine whose career development is centered in Medical Education. The Education Career awards are intended to encourage and support members of the Department of Medicine to pursue their academic and scholarly interests in medical education.

There are 22 departmental members who have a Masters in Education or are pursuing this degree.  The Director of Medical Education, Dr. Susan Humphrey-Murto, oversees education career awards and educational projects that enhance this educational scholarship and facilitate academic careers in this field that will ultimately be beneficial for the department.  The department is closely aligned with DIME (Department of Innovation in Medical Education at the University of Ottawa) and with the University of Ottawa Skills and Simulation Centre.

Department of Medicine Educators/Research Interests

The Department of Medicine is dedicated to supporting members whose academic career is focused on medical education. Presently there are several members actively engaged in medical education research, and/or have been recipients of educator awards.

Anna Byszewski


Director, Professionalism

Undergraduate Program, Anglophone Stream


Learning Environment survey

Duty Hours concept mapping study

ePortfolios – evaluation

Driving and Dementia education projects

Isabelle Desjardins

General Internal Medicine

Associate Director, Internal Medicine Clerkship

Medicine Test Committee Member – Medical Council of Canada



Carol Gonsalves


Rotation Coordinator

Needs assessment and curriculum development

Mindfullness based curriculum

Handover process


Susan Humphrey-Murto


Research Director Department of Medicine

DIME/uOSSC Fellowship Director

Performance-based examinations including OSCE, mini-CEX



Heather Lochnan

Endocrinology and Metabolism

Director Continuing Professional Education, Department of Medicine

Qualitative research and program evaluation with expertise in concept mapping methods including as relates to professionalism in the learning environment and the implementation of duty hours

Anne McCarthy

Infectious Diseases

Director of the Office of Global Health

Global Health

Curriculum development and evaluation

qualitative and mixed methods research, educational innovation

Debra Pugh

General Internal Medicine

Director, Ottawa Exam Centre

Vice Chair, Central Examination Committee (MCC)

Assessment including written and performance-based examinations (OSCE and mini-CEX)

Procedural skills


Nancy Dudek

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Clinician Educator, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

 Workplace based assessment

Narrative assessment



Samantha Halman

General Internal Medicine

Associate Program Direction ‚Äď GIM Residency Training Program

Clinical Lead, Internal Medicine (uOSSC)

Chief Examiner ‚Äď UGME OSCEs, francophone stream



Curriculum Development


Some photos by Mélanie Provencher