Competency Based Medical Education

Competency based medical education (CBME) is coming to the Department of Medicine residency programs! In July 2018 our first two PGME programs, Medical Oncology and Nephrology, will launch their residency training under a new competency-based approach.

What is Competency Based Medical Education?

Competency-Based Medical Education is an outcomes-based approach to the design, implementation, assessment, and evaluation of medical education programs, using an organizing framework of competencies. The Royal College is leading the transition of all RCPSC accredited postgraduate residency programs through the initiative Competency by Design (CBD.)

When will Competency Based Medical Education Begin?

The expected schedule for all Department of Medicine programs is as follows:

The Department recommends the following links to learn more about CBME & to find out about resources to help you with the transition.

University of Ottawa PGME Office CBME resources

Royal College Of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada Competency By Design initiative:

If you have a question about Department wide CBME implementation, please contact  with a subject line CBME.

If you have a question about the rollout within a specialty or sub-specialty program, please contact the Program Director.

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