Leadership & Members

Ottawa’s Department of Medicine, Division of Respirology prides itself on its outstanding leadership. Our leadership team delivers a compelling combination of vision, collaboration and support.  Our approach creates an environment that inspires and encourages individuals to be the best in the field of respirology and ensures that we are working together to meet the goals of our organization, our partners and the broader health care community.

Shawn Aaron MD FRCPC

Head, Division of Respirology

Dr. Aaron has led the Division of Respiratory Medicine at The Ottawa Hospital for the past 4 years.  During this time the Division has successfully recruited several promising clinician scientists.

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Nah Voduc MD FRCPC

Director, Respirology Training Program

Dr. Voduc has been Director of our Training Program for the last 7 years.  He has built the training program into one of the best in the country.

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Respirology Staff and Their Subspecialty Areas:

  • Dr. Shawn Aaron (COPD, asthma, cystic fibrosis, bronchiectasis)
  • Dr. Gonzalo Alvarez (TB, mycobacterial diseases)
  • Dr. Kayvan Amjadi (lung cancer, interventional pulmonology, pleural diseases)
  • Dr. Steve Bencze (general respirology)
  • Dr. George Chandy (pulmonary hypertension, sleep medicine)
  • Dr. Dr. Robert Dales (sleep, asthma)
  • Dr. Judy Leech (sleep)
  • Dr. Doug McKim (pulmonary rehabilitation, neuromuscular diseases, chronic ventilation, sleep medicine)
  • Dr. Smita Pakhale (CF, asthma, post lung transplant care)
  • Dr. Krishna Sharma (general Respirology)
  • Dr. Nadim Srour (obstructive lung diseases)
  • Dr. Nha Voduc (general respirology, evaluation of dyspnea, cardiopulmonary exercise testing)
  • Dr. Ken Willis (general respirology)

Affiliated Members:

  • Dr. Bill Cameron (infectious diseases, CF)
  • Dr. Gwynne Jones (critical care)
  • Dr. Pierre Cardinal (critical care)
  • Dr. Qasim Alikhan (pulmonary rehabilitation)