Clinical and Educational Research in Palliative Care


Our Division values the importance of research, both in education and in clinical care. We believe that research drives best practices in learning and in clinical care. We have therefore invested considerably over the last few years in developing a vibrant research program that includes a core team of clinician researchers working closely with an Operations Manager, Research Manager, aresearch coordinators, and research assistants. We have access to excellent research support from the Bruyère Research Institute (BRI), The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI), The Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) at The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre, the Clinical Investigation Unit (CIU) of the Department of Medicine at The Ottawa Hospital (TOH), and the Academy for Innovation in Medical Education at the University of Ottawa (AIME).


The Division of Palliative Care will be known for conducting and publishing palliative care-related clinical and education research that is relevant and is of the highest methodological and ethical quality.


The Palliative Care Research Group will ensure that the research conducted by the Division’s members is of the highest possible quality and ethical standards, fits the Division’s research streams and priorities, is relevant, is patient- and learner-centered, and is feasible given the Division’s resources.

Research Streams and Themes

Our research program has two research streams; an EDUCATION and a CLINICAL Research Stream. These have been identified based on the Division’s past successes and current strengths and expertise. Although we favor studies in these areas, it does not preclude conducting research in other areas as long as it does not draw resources away from our key areas and is relevant to our Division.


  • Competencies & Evaluation
  • Learning Methods in Palliative Care


  • Delirium
  • Palliative Rehabilitation & Nutrition
  • Service Evaluation & Planning

*Knowledge Translation and Quality Improvement are transverse themes across both streams

Research Management

The overall research program is coordinated and managed by a ResearchTeam that includes the Research Lead, Operations Manager, Coordinators, and Assistants. Any other person participating in our research activities is welcome to attend. The team meets monthly. Each study in turn has a Study Team that includes a manager, coordinator, and/or one of the research assistants. The Study Teams report back to the Research Team at each of the meetings so as to facilitate management and coordination of studies.

Research Meetings

We hold Research WORK IN PROGRESS MEETINGS (WIPS) once a month. All Division members involved in research, including fellows and residents, are expected to participate in the WIPs. Division members providing clinical coverage are encouraged to attend. The meetings are open to anyone interested in attending. The goals of the WIPS are to:

  1. Inform Division and research team members about current and upcoming studies;
  2. Share results of completed studies;
  3. Provide advice and input on new study ideas, specifically with respect to relevance, methods, feasibility, fit with the research themes, and resources required;  and
  4. Improve productivity and completion of studies.

Research Team

Research Lead: Dr. José Pereira

Division Clinician Researchers: Dr. Ed Fitzgibbon, Dr. Tara Tucker, Dr. Shirley Bush, Dr. Michael Hartwick, Dr. Peter Lawlor, Dr. Martin Chasen

Division Members Supporting Research: Dr. Raphael Chan, Dr, John Scott, Dr. Khadija Bhimji, Dr. Jill Rice, Dr. Kwadwo Kyerementang, Dr. Caroline Gerin-Lajoie (cross appointment), Dr. Kayvan Amjadi (cross appointment)

Operations Manager: Samantha Zinkie

Research Managers: Pamela Grassau, Ravi Bhargava

Research Coordinators: Emily Escaravage, Marie McNamara-Kilian (research nurse)

Research Assistants: Tammy Tsang, Shauna Daly

Research Assistant/Post-doctoral Fellow: Dr. Christopher Klinger

Research Partners: Dr. Susan Brajtman, Faculty of Nursing, University of Ottawa; Dr. Mary Lou Kelley (Lakehead University)

Palliative Rehabilitation Program: Dr. Martin Chasen (Director), Dr. Paula Enright, Danielle Sinden (Manager), Anne-Marie Burns (Dietician), Carolyn Richardson/Maria Delgadillo-Angulo (Physiotherapist), Marie-Eve Pinard (Social Worker), Cecilia Cranston (Occupational Therapist), Lisa Savage-Larose (Registered Nurse), Ravi Bhargava (Research Manager), Neil MacDonald (Consultant); Josée Desjardins (Clerk)

Contact: Samantha Zinkie: Tel: 613-562-6262, extension 1657    E-mail: