Division of Palliative Care


Our Division, working alongside colleagues from other disciplines in interprofessional teams, has evolved into a dynamic and academically productive team providing clinical coverage across several settings in Ottawa and the Champlain region. These range from in-hospital and community-based consult teams to acute palliative care units and hospices. We value research in the domains of clinical care and education and believe that these are the engines that drive excellence and best practices in these areas.

Palliative Medicine is recognized by the College of Family Physicians of Canada and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, requiring a year of added competency training in the form of a residency or fellowship. Completion of such training or the equivalent thereof is a requirement to be a member of our Division. Palliative Medicine is unique in that clinicians come from a variety of specialist areas. Our Division has included family physicians, a pediatrician, critical care specialists, internists, oncologists, surgeons and community medicine specialists. We also have physicians with cross appointments from Psychosocial Oncology (Psychiatry) and the Division of Pulmonology. This brings to the specialty a broad range of competencies and perspectives. Our division is also enriched by members holding Masters and degrees in Medical Education and Epidemiology and diplomas in Anesthesiology.

Alongside a busy clinical program, our Division has a variety of scheduled academic undergraduate, postgraduate, and continuing professional development activities. These include academic city-wide rounds (twice a month), weekly journal rounds, weekly residents’ academic half-days, weekly case-based rounds and research rounds twice a month. The research rounds (called WIPS for Research Work in Progress) provide an opportunity to develop new research ideas and showcase the results of ongoing and completed Divisional research.

To advance our academic mission, we have formal affiliations with The Ottawa Hospital Research Insitute (OHRI), the Bruyère Research Institute (BRI), and the Academy for Innovation in Medical Education (AIME) at the University of Ottawa. Our Division has submitted funding applications to numerous local, provincial and national research funding agencies, including the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). We also collaborate closely with colleagues in other centres and are investigators, co-investigators, and collaborators on a number of multi-centre studies and projects.

Our Division also values the importance of health services planning and administration. Division members are active in a variety of hospital, regional, provincial, national and international committees. These include the new Regional Palliative Care Program in the Champlain (East Ontario) Local Health Integration Network (LHIN), the new Ottawa Hospice Services Plan , and Cancer Care Ontario.


We strive to be known locally, nationally and internationally as a Division that provides  the highest quality palliative care to patients and families, equal to that that we would expect for ourselves and our family members, and to be a place of choice for health professionals from across Canada and the world looking for opportunities to learn about and to work in palliative care.



  • Support, through consultation and shared care, our colleagues in family medicine and other specialty areas in providing primary-level palliative care
  • Provide palliative care as the most responsible physicians at a specialist-level to palliative patients with complex needs
  • Advance the field of palliative care through clinical research
  • Diffuse new knowledge and best practices
  • Advance medical and palliative care education through research in that area
  • Educate health professionals and the public on best practices in palliative care


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