Postgraduate Program Workload

Clinical Teaching Unit

As in most programs, the Neurology Resident’s workload is greatest while working on the CTU.  Residents complete 4 blocks of CTU in the first year, and 5 blocks in each of the second and third years. There is no CTU requirement in the PGY4 or PGY5 years.  The service generally consists of Senior Neurology resident, Junior Neurology resident, and several rotating residents from internal medicine, psychiatry, neurosurgery, family medicine, ophthalmology or physiatry.

The CTU has on average 18 patients, but numbers can vary from as little as 8 to as high as 30.  Senior residents on CTU will manage the service, oversee the Juniors, teach, and pick-up patients when the service is busy.  Junior residents are responsible for an average of 6 inpatients each.  Between 8am and 5pm, the CTU residents are not required to see emergency and off-service patients; this responsibility is allocated to the consultation service.  The CTU team aims to sign-out at 5pm each day, and it is unusual for residents to work past 6pm.


The workload on consultation services can vary, but it is generally quite busy.  Residents respond to calls between 8am and 5pm at their respective campus, and usually finish by 6pm.


All call is home-call, although one can be expected to come in at least once per shift.  On CTU, 1:4 call is expected, but with the occasional surplus of rotators, it can be less.  When off-CTU, Senior residents will do an average of 2 weeknight calls per block, and 2 “Senior” weekend calls where they are paired with a Junior resident.  With Senior call, the Neurology resident is expected to round on patients on the weekend, review consultations done by the Junior, assist with procedures, and supervise emergencies and stroke codes.  When the CTU is short of rotators, Seniors may be asked to do extra call shifts to provide relief to the Juniors. Neurology residents only cover the Civic Campus while on call; the attending covers the other campuses.  Our program features a 6 month call-free period in PGY5 in preparation for the Royal College exam.

Sample Schedule