Division of Nephrology

Recent Notable Publications

Knoll GA, Fergusson D, Chassé M, Hebert P, Wells G, Tibbles LA, Treleaven D, Holland D, White C, Muirhead N, Cantarovich M, Paquet M, Kiberd B, Gourishankar S, Shapiro J, Prasad R, Cole E, Pilmore H, Cronin V, Hogan D, Ramsay T, Gill J. Ramipril versus Placebo in Kidney Transplant Patients with Proteinuria: A Multi-Centre, Double-Blind, Randomised Controlled Trial. Lancet Diabetes Endocrinol 2016;4(4):318–26.

Clark E, Kumar A, Langote A, Lapinsky S, Dodek P, Kramer A, Wood G, Bagshaw SM,

Wood K, Gurka D, Sood MM. Septic shock in chronic dialysis patients: clinical characteristics, antimicrobial therapy and mortality. Intensive Care Med 2016; 42(2):222–32.

Molnar A, Bota S, Garg A, Harel Z, Lam N, McArthur E, Nesrallah G, Perl J, Sood M. The Risk of Major Hemorrhage with CKD. J Am Soc Nephrol 2016; 27(9): 2825–2832.

Molnar AO, Fergusson D, Tsampalieros AK, Bennett A, Fergusson N, Ramsay T, Knoll GA. Generic immunosuppression in solid organ transplantation: systematic review and meta-analysis. BMJ 2015; 350:h3163.

Ruzicka M, Akbari A, Bruketa E, Kayibanda JF, Baril C, Hiremath S. How Accurate Are Home Blood Pressure Devices in Use? A Cross-Sectional Study. PloS One 2016; 11(6):e0155677.

Burger D, Viñas JL, Akbari S, Dehak H, Knoll W, Gutsol A, Carter A, Touyz RM, Allan DS, Burns KD. Human endothelial colony-forming cells protect against acute kidney injury: role of exosomes. Am J Pathol 2015;185(8):2309–23.


Recent Key Grants

Dr. Dylan Burger was awarded a $521,859 grant from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation and the Ontario Research Fund.

Dr. Swapnil Hiremath, along with Drs Greg Knoll and Ayub Akbari from the Division of Nephrology; Dr. Ben Chow from Cardiology and Dr. Dean Fergusson from the Division of Clinical Epidemiology were awarded a $99,000 grant from CIHR to study contrast-induced acute kidney injury.



Clinical Highlights

The Division of Nephrology at the Ottawa Department of Medicine strives to provide world class clinical care to residents of Ottawa & Eastern Ontario who suffer from kidney diseases. Our division offers a full complement of specialty ambulatory clinics at the Jindal Kidney Care Centre: General Nephrology Hypertension, Advanced Chronic Kidney Disease, and Progressive Renal Insufficiency. These clinics are lead by physicians with world class expertise. Inpatients are admitted to the clinical teaching unit, where a strong multidisciplinary care plan has been developed. The Division of Nephrology also maintains its independent expertise in critical care nephrology and, in close collaboration with the Intensivists, is solely responsible for providing renal replacement services, including SLED and CRRT, to all intensive care areas at the Ottawa Hospital and The University of Ottawa Heart Institute.

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The Kidney Research Centre (KRC) was established in 2000 and is devoted to basic, translational and clinical investigation directed at the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of kidney disease.

In 2006 KRC basic scientists moved into a new 15,000 sq ft laboratory facility within a new wing at Roger Guindon Hall, adjacent to the General Campus of The Ottawa Hospital (TOH).  This large infrastructure project was funded by a grant from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) and the Ontario Innovation Trust (OIT), with support from the University of Ottawa, OHRI, TOH Foundation, and the private sector.  There are currently five scientists conducting laboratory research at the KRC facility – 3 are clinician scientists (Drs. K. Burns, R. Touyz, and T. Fairhead), and 2 are PhD scientists (Dr. R.L. Hébert and Dr. C. Kennedy).  Dr. K. Burns is Director of KRC, and recipient of a Research Chair award from the Department of Medicine.

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Leaders in Medical Education, and proven experts in Research (both basic and clinical science)  await you at the Division of Nephrology at the University of Ottawa. Our program operates out the Ottawa Hospital and serves a large catchment area that will provide you with a rich and diverse experience in clinical nephrology.

Recent Notable Honours and Achievements

  • Dr. Steven Nadler was selected for the University of Ottawa Distinguished Teacher Program based on his outstanding record of teaching in the undergraduate medical education program.
  • Dr. Deb Zimmerman was recently voted in as the President-Elect of the Canadian Society of Nephrology (CSN). She is currently a member of the Board of Directors and will become the CSN President starting in 2018.