Leadership & Members

The Ottawa Department of Medicine, Division of Medical Oncology prides itself on its outstanding leadership. Our leadership team delivers a compelling combination of vision, collaboration and support.  Our approach creates an environment that inspires and encourages individuals to be the best in the field of oncology and ensures that we are working together to meet the goals of our organization, our partners and the broader health care community.

David Steward MD FRCPC

Head, Division of Medical Oncology

Dr. Stewart received his MD degree from Queen’s University, Kingston, in 1974. He did an Internal Medicine residency at McGill University, then a medical oncology fellowship in the Department of Developmental Therapeutics at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX.

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Faculty Career Path: Clinician Investigator

Dr. Xinni Song is the Program Director for the Medical Oncology postgraduate residency program.



Staff of the Division of Medical Oncology:

  • Dr. Stewart
  • Dr. Maroun
  • Dr. Goss
  • Dr. Asmis
  • Dr. Canil
  • Dr. Clemons
  • Dr. Cripps
  • Dr. Dent
  • Dr. Gertler
  • Dr. Goel
  • Dr. Jonker
  • Dr. Keller
  • Dr. Laurie
  • Dr. Nicholas
  • Dr. Reaume
  • Dr. Sega
  • Dr. Song
  • Dr. Verma
  • Dr. Wheatley-Price
  • Dr. Young