Upcoming Events

Dancing with the Docs!

On April 6, 2019, The Ottawa Blood Disease Centre’s physicians will¬†once again take the stage in the fifth annual Dancing with the Docs fundraising gala!¬†Funds raised will¬†support The Ottawa Hospital’s priority projects including support for patients undergoing cancer treatment.¬† Last year’s sold-out show was a smashing success. Show your support by sponsoring the event, voting for a doc, or most fun of all, ¬†attending the event in person! Find out more here!

Run for a Reason!

In May 2019, many of our staff will again hit the streets of Ottawa to participate in The Ottawa Hospital’s annual Run for a Reason. Each year we¬†raise thousands of dollars to¬†support¬†patient care and research at¬†The Ottawa Hospital. Join the team or donate to our cause!¬† Visit the Ottawa Blood Disease Centre Runners fundraising page!


Past Events


Dancing with the Docs!

For four years running, The Ottawa Blood Disease Centre’s physicians have strutted¬†their stuff in the annual Dancing with the Docs fundraiser! ¬†Funds raised support The Ottawa Hospital’s priority projects including support for patients undergoing cancer treatment.¬† Last year’s sold-out show was a smashing success. Read all about it in the¬†Ottawa Citizen!


5 Year Anniversary

Spring 2017 marked 5 years from when the OBDC opened its doors at its new location at the General campus. Prior to that time, Ottawa Hospital hematologists were spread among 9 locations in 6 buildings on 2 campuses. The establishment of the OBDC marked the culmination of significant visioning, planning and coordination efforts, as well as the birth of a new era for Hematology in Ottawa. Over the last 5 years, the OBDC has continued its growth to become a world-renowned centre for care, research and training in blood disease, and our amalgamation under one roof has fostered our collaboration and collegiality. We celebrated this momentous achievement with a day of patient-focused public educational sessions, trainee presentations and research competitions, staff appreciation events, and a festive wine and cheese reception.  Onwards and upwards!


Patient Education Sessions


Celebrating World Thrombosis Day – 2016

Presentation Speaker
Demystifying clinical research Tammy Beaudoin, Clinical Research Facilitator
Stopping blood thinners for elective surgery Dr. Lana Castellucci, Hematologist
Duration of blood thinning for vein blood clots Dr. Marc Rodger, Hematologist
Antiphospholipid Syndrome & Pregnancy Dr. Leslie Skeith, Thrombosis Fellow


 Celebrating World Thrombosis Day Р2015

Presentation Speaker
Welcome Dr. Lisa Duffett, Hematologist
Care, Research & Patient Engagement Rob Gottschalk, Senior Director of Philanthropy
A History of Thrombosis Dr. Esteban Gandara, Hematologist
Blood Thinner Medications Dr. Lana Castellucci, Hematologist
Research Update: Thrombosis Treatment during Pregnancy  Anne Marie Clement, Senior Clinical Research Program Manager
Research Update: Screening for Cancer in Thrombosis Patients Dr. Marc Carrier, Hematologist
Research Update: Long-term Anticoagulation Choice Dr. Esteban Gandara, Hematologist
Research Update: Predicting Recurrence of Thrombosis Dr. Gregoire Le Gal, Hematologist
Patient Engagement Dr. Lisa Duffett, Hematologist


Breaking the Blood Barrier – 2014

Presentation Speaker
Improving Quality of Care Through Patient Education Dr. Marc Rodger, Hematologist, Chief & Chair of the Division of  Hematology
Blood Disorders 101 Dr. Lothar Huebsch, Hematologist
Lymphoma: What You Need to Know Dr. Richard Van Der Jagt, Hematologist
What You Need to Know About Your Blood Transfusion Dr. Elianna Saidenberg, Hematologist
Myelodysplasia: A Primer Dr. Pierre Villeneuve, Hematologist
How Chemotherapy Works Harry Hopkins, Pharmacist