Geriatrics Postgraduate Program

Geriatric Medicine Residency Training Program

The Geriatric Medicine Residency Training Program provides an excellent 2 year subspecialty training experience with a focus on education. The philosophy of our Program is a strong commitment to the CanMeds competencies and ensuring a broad exposure to clinical medicine grounded in a research base. The first year of the Program is predominantly clinical. The trainee will be exposed to Geriatric Medicine in a variety of settings including 3 months training in Geriatric Psychiatry, which is a major strength and key component of the Ottawa Program. There is also attendance on the Geriatric Medicine Inpatient Unit at the Ottawa Hospital, consultation services to both Campuses, outpatient clinics and a unique exposure to Geriatric Medicine in Rural Clinics.

Throughout the two years of training, the trainee attends Longitudinal Clinics with increasing levels of responsibility and a strong and comprehensive Academic Half Day Curriculum. Trainees are expected to participate in research and Ottawa has developed a particular expertise in driving and dementia.

We provide a great degree of flexibility in the Residency Training Program in the second year in order to meet the career needs of our candidates. Elective time can be individualized based on the trainees future goals i.e. Research, Education, Administration or a particular Clinical focus. Several members of the Division have significant administrative roles in the Undergraduate Education Program and this provides trainees with opportunities to broaden their education and teaching experiences.

We are proud of our graduates who have been successful in establishing academic and community based careers across Canada.

For further information, please contact:

Debbie Clement, Program Administrator (

Tel: 613-761-4795