Research Block

General Objectives

The ability to conduct research is a critical function of an academic physician.  The ability to critique research, and apply it clinically is critical to any physician.

During the research block, the resident will undertake a project.  This may be done with any physician in the department, however in general this block is under the direction of Dr. Richmond Sy, head of clinical research.

If the resident desires to perform basic science research, this may be undertaken with Dr. Tony Krantis.

The resident will aim to complete an abstract for submission at Canadian Digestive Disease Week.  The resident will ultimately aim to publish the results of the project in a peer reviewed journal.

Specific Objectives

Medical Expert

  • Use clinical or basic science knowledge to develop a research question.
  • Consult with Staff GI physicians, and other physicians as necessary to develop a study to answer the question.


  • Effectively convey results of research project to other physicians in an abstract/poster for submission to Canadian Digestive Disease Week.
  • If accepted for oral presentation at CDDW, convey research findings to other physicians verbally.


  • Where applicable, collaborate with physicians, nurses, and other health professionals in recruiting patients or gathering data for a research study.


  • Develop the organizational skills to carry a research project to completion while managing other aspects of residency training.

Health Advocate

  • Understand the role that answering a research question can have in improving care delivered to patients.


  • Sharpen critical appraisal skills through appraisal of the strengths and weaknesses of ones own project.
  • Through a research project, contribute to the creation, dissemination, application and translation of new knowledge and practices.
  • Through a research project, facilitate the learning of other health care professionals and where appropriate patients and families.


  • Demonstrate a commitment to the profession through conducting a research project in an ethical fashion.