Leadership & Members

Ottawa’s Department of Medicine, Division of Dermatology prides itself on its outstanding leadership.¬†Our leadership team delivers a compelling combination of vision, collaboration and support.¬† Our approach creates an environment that inspires and encourages individuals to be the best in the field of dermatology and ensures that we are working together to meet the goals of our organization, our partners and the broader health care community.


Dr. Steven Glassman completed his dermatology training at Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg, South Africa, and also spent a year of residency at New York University Medical Center under the late Dr. Irwin M. Freedberg. Read more…

Dr. Mark Kirchhof, MD, PhD, FRCPC obtained his Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology from McMaster University before joining the MD/PhD program at Western University. ¬†Read more…


Dermatology Staff and Their Subspecialty Areas:

  • Dr. Jennifer Beecker (pigmented lesions, general dermatology, critical reviews)
  • Dr. Jean Pierre Des Groseilliers ( photobiology and psoriasis, education¬† )
  • Dr. Simone Fahim ( general and cosmetic dermatology¬† )
  • Dr. Harvey Finkelstein ( cancer, general dermatology, morphology¬† )
  • Dr. Steven Glassman ( psoriasis, vitiligo, general dermatology, teledermatology, clinical trials¬† )
  • Dr. John C. Goodall (paediatric and medical dermatology¬†¬† )
  • Dr. Caroline Heughan (general dermatology)
  • Dr. Robert Jackson (teaching, outreach, general dermatology, morphology)
  • Dr. Nordau Kanigsberg (paediatric dermatology, general dermatology, residency education )
  • Dr. Sharyn Laughlin (laser and cosmetic dermatology )
  • Dr. Dalia Mikhael (general dermatology, therapeutics )
  • Dr. Kathleen Moses (general dermatology¬†¬† )
  • Dr Tad A. Pierscianowski (leg ulcers, general medical dermatology, therapeutics¬†¬† )
  • Dr. Melanie Pratt (contact dermatitis, research, general dermatology¬†¬† )
  • Dr. Diane Quintal (hair disorders, general dermatology)
  • Dr. Pierre Jacques Ringwald (general dermatology )
  • Dr. Michael Robern (wound care, drug trials, general dermatology¬†¬† )
  • Dr. Catherine Ruddy ( general and cosmetic dermatology¬† )
  • Dr. James Walker (paediatric and general dermatology, teledermatology, cutaneous cancer surgery, administration )
  • Dr. Louis Weatherhead (cancer surgery, general and cosmetic dermatology)