Clinical Care

The provision of high quality compassionate care remains at the centre of the mission of the Department of Medicine and our commitment to academic medicine enables us to effect evidence-based medicine to support our patient-care decisions.

Departmental members are based at all 3 campuses of the Ottawa Hospital as well as the Rehabilitation Centre, The University of Ottawa Heart Institute and Bruyère Continuing Care.

The majority of inpatient care at these hospitals is provided by our members, either as the admitting divisional physician or through consultative services. Consequently, we have been at the forefront of exceptional clinical undertakings such as a dedicated Thrombosis service, acute STEMI program and pandemic planning. We have championed efficiencies in discharge planning, ER consult-decision time and a mature Physician Assistant Program that will allow our medical trainees to concentrate their efforts on education.

The Department of Medicine supports a wide range of clinical initiatives such as a multi-disciplinary Pulmonary Hypertension program, bone marrow and solid organ transplants, diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopies, diabetes out-reach program to the Champlain LHIN, stroke prevention and the Ottawa Stroke Program, treatment and rehabilitation, in-hospital early palliative care, and advanced clinical care of patient with hepatitis C.

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