Vision & Mission


To be recognized as a world leader in medicine.

Mission Statement

We exist to innovate, advocate and practice the highest quality of patient-centred care, medical education and research. We develop the next generation of physicians, researchers and educators. We champion the vision, mission and values of our University, our faculty and the hospitals we work in.

We leverage our unique position as academic clinicians to accelerate knowledge transfer to the bedside and clinic in order to improve the lives of our patients. We work with all stakeholders to find solutions to mutual problems and improve internal communication.

We seek out leadership opportunities at the regional, national and international levels. We lead by example, we listen and we challenge ourselves to be better. We create communities of trust, compassion and mutual respect.

We treat patients, trainees, staff, and colleagues with dignity and equity and we value the highest standards for professionalism, fairness and transparency in an environment of accountability to the people we care for, teach and work with.

We manage the resources of our faculty, hospitals, community and region competently and wisely.  We make decisions that are just and ethical. We embrace a team philosophy to problem solving that encourages maximum input and participation from all our faculty and staff.

We recruit only the best people, nurture and value them.  We celebrate both individual and collective achievements. We are mindful of ways to help our faculty and employees fulfill their professional and personal responsibilities.

We foster the development of life-long learning by ensuring sufficient support for continuing education programs, research and scholarly work.

When we operate according to these principles we should achieve our vision.


To achieve our mission, the Department of Medicine is responsible to its membership and to those who support and work with us. It is guided by the following core values:

Respect: treat patients, trainees, staff, and colleagues with dignity and equity recognizing individual, gender, and cultural differences and diversity.

Quality: We will always strive for excellence in patient care, research and education.

Collaboration: working together for the good of all members of the Department, TOH and UO, to improve health, education and research in the Champlain LHIN.

Accountability: valuing the highest standard for professionalism, fairness and transparency in an environment of advocacy for and accountability to the communities we serve as well as all members of the Department of Medicine.


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