The leadership team at Ottawa’s Department of Medicine delivers a compelling combination of vision and collaboration. ¬†Our approach creates an environment that inspires and encourages individuals to be the best in their respective fields and ensures that we are working together to meet the goals of our organization, our partners and the broader health care community.

  • Ottawa’s Department of Medicine leadership team has implemented a continuing professional education program and budget.
  • Each of the 17 divisions within Ottawa’s Department of Medicine is provided funds to support continuing professional education.
  • On annual basis, we send many individuals to leadership programs.
  • We support our people through MBAs and Masters programs.
  • We are closely tied with a very strong continuing professional development program at the University of Ottawa led by one of our nephrologists, Dr. Yolanta Karpinski.
  • A program, in collaboration with the Studer Group, to foster physician engagement and leadership with a major aim of raising the patient safety and the quality of care has been initiated at The Ottawa Hospital, in particular within the Department of Medicine. Drs Alan Forster, Carl van Walraven and Doug Manuel lead initiatives using the The Ottawa Hospital data warehouse and ICES putting us at the forefront of patient safety and quality of care from a research and clinical perspective.
  • We purposely have very broad representation from a wide spectrum of members from the Ottawa Department of Medicine in our leadership positions. This helps ensure commitment and engagement of our physicians.


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