This website has been developed to showcase the exceptional opportunities available  in the areas of medical education and career development within the department of medicine in Ottawa. We encourage you to think of Ottawa as the #1 city to live, learn, and work.

Ottawa’s Department of Medicine is an innovative academic health care leader focused on advancing, developing and delivering cutting-edge medical research, outstanding patient care and high-quality education that prepares future generations of health care professionals.

Through strong and visionary leadership and with its exceptional people Ottawa’s Department of Medicine is creating outstanding opportunities for current and future health care practitioners. By building bridges that link expertise, learning, knowledge and hands-on practice Ottawa’s Department of Medicine is improving patient care locally, nationally and internationally.

As a major department within The Ottawa Hospital and valued partner of the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine, the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and the local health care community, Ottawa’s Department of Medicine actively brings together close to twenty sub specialty medical divisions, physicians, researchers, educators, administrators and future health care professionals in an open, inclusive, supportive and inspiring culture.

A Positive Culture Of Communication, Guidance and Support

Ottawa’s Department of Medicine is meeting its goal of achieving excellence in research; education and patient care by empowering its greatest resource – its people. We operate in a positive and open culture that strives to include, engage, guide and support physicians, researchers, administrators and future health care professionals with ongoing communication, professional and personal support and team building.

  • Ottawa’s Department of Medicine purposely does not operate in a traditional top down fashion. Our approach ensures extremely broad involvement, representation and input from all department members.
  • Program Directors are not Division heads. As such, the Program Directors, Executive and Division heads of the 17 divisions within Ottawa’s Department of Medicine ensures very broad representation.
  • Through regular meetings of the Division Heads, the Executive and Finance committees, along with members of The Ottawa Hospital Senior Management and several Clinical Directors, we achieve an environment of cooperation and collaboration.
  • To ensure the appropriate input to the Executive, Division Head and Program Director meetings, our administration is further divided into a clinical section, a research section and an education section. Within each of the sections are committees composed of further Department members. The end result is that the important administrative sections are represented by over 50 different members of our Department.
  • To further this culture of openness, we have representation from the residency program at the monthly Division head meetings.
  • Ottawa’s Department of Medicine is unique in that it has a practice plan which remunerates physicians for research, administrative and educational activities. We have developed a Fellowship award program from our personal funds and we provide funding for team-building meetings in order to facilitate the development of translational research projects.

Outstanding Opportunities For Individual Growth

For current health care professionals there are ample opportunities at Ottawa’s Department of Medicine for growth through professional development, mentorship, research and, practice in a wide variety of medical sub specialties. Dynamic, visionary leaders working as part of a close-knit team encourage and support health care professionals in their growth. For future health care professionals from Canada and around the world, Ottawa’s Department of Medicine offers nationally and internationally recognized, high-quality accredited programs in a wide range of sub specialties. Guided by an outstanding academic team committed to engaging students, residents and fellows, and a focus on educational research Ottawa’s Department of Medicine offers career and individual guidance as well as a full continuum of education from undergraduate studies through to ongoing professional development.

  • New recruits are offered mentors through consultation with the Department and Divisions Heads. They are often provided with recruitment salary support for the first three years in order to ensure the firm establishment of their career path.  After three years, those that are not making progress may be granted one further year of salary support. The program has been so successful that this has rarely been required. By the end of the first three years in Ottawa’s Department of Medicine, most individuals are well on their way to successful careers in research or education.
  • An internal research grants program has been developed to provide funding as a bridge for those who have not attained significant peer-reviewed grant funding. We fund our education program through support of research coordinators and recruitment of PhDs in close collaboration with AIME (Academy for Innovative Medical Education) at the University to develop the career paths of those who have chosen education.
  • Ottawa’s Department of Medicine is well represented in the Dean’s office at the University of Ottawa with four members occupying Dean or Director positions and due to the diverse portfolios involved (Professional Development, Global Health, Undergraduate Education, Student Affairs) we are well connected to meet the diverse needs of all of our trainees and staff.


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