Kudos for May 2013



Alan Forster participated in a panel discussion in regards to CBC’s report card project ‘Rate my Hospital site’ on April 11th.

Kumanan Wilson responded to Canadian Pediatric Society’s paper on parental anxiety about childhood vaccines. The Canadian Pediatric Society urged pediatricians to not discharge patients whose parents refuse to vaccinate. Instead, physicians should take the time to listen to parents’ concerns and address these concerns. Dr. Wilson quoted as saying “The statement from the pediatric society is important because it encourages physicians to be proactive and not give up on young patients who require health care beyond vaccination.” Details in Toronto Star, May 3rd.

Barb Power and Lara Khoury were interviewed by The Ottawa Citizen on their MOH funded project – MOVE ON – Mobilization of Vulnerable Elderly. Drs Power and Khoury received a TOHAMO grant for their MOVE ON project. The Ottawa Citizen article was published on April 27th and was entitled: ‘For the elderly, a dose of senior friendly hospital care’.

Frank Molnar was also quoted in the above-mentioned Ottawa Citizen article. “It is really about integrating effective and efficient seniors’ care into the everyday operations of hospitals.”

David Stewart interviewed in regards to the ‘Cancer Drug Scandal: 137 Ontario patients die since receiving diluted chemo’ article. Dr. Stewart reported that TOH was a site that was unaffected by the error, and said “it was difficult to know whether the patients were affected by the underdosing”.

John Bell spoke at the kickoff of the 33rd anniversary celebration of the Terry Fox Run in Oakville about how funds from the annual Terry Fox run are “changing the face of cancer research and helping create new innovated treatments for battling the devastating disease.”

Shawn Marshall and Malcolm Man-Son-Hing’s Candrive project was reviewed in Maclean’s article on how to safely manage elderly drivers. Article was in response to a seniors protest in Alberta questioning the testing that is used in Alberta to assess the driving competence of drivers who are 75 years of age and older.

Kumanan Wilson was interviewed by CBC Radio News and All in a Day, the last week of April, after 1000 Ottawa area high school students were suspended from school for failing to provide required immunization documentation to Ottawa Public Health. Story can be found at CBC.ca and Ottawa Citizen.


Dean Fergusson was co-PI on a recently awarded CIHR operating grant to conduct a clinical trial comparing patient outcomes in critically ill children receiving transfusions using fresh blood versus the standard storage criteria. This is an extension of his work from 2012 which was published in JAMA.

Darryl Davis has had an article accepted to the journal Circulation – “Human blood and cardiac stem cells synergize to enhance cardiac repair when co-transplanted into ischemic myocardium.” Article will be published in Circulation’s Cardiovascular Surgery Supplement.

Mario Tiberi has received an operating grant from CIHR to help our understanding of the way dopamine interacts with the brain. Dr. Tiberi’s research will look at two receptors (D1 and D5) to find out what brain proteins bind to them and where they attach. This knowledge will be useful to develop therapies for overcoming faulty dopamine communication in the brain. Details of grant can be found on CIHR website.

Greg Knoll is leading up a team that will be part of a $13.85 million national transplant initiative that will be aimed at increasing donations. Dr. Knoll will be leading a team looking into the ethical and legal barriers limiting donations. Story was published in The Ottawa Citizen on April 22nd. It also appeared in CTV News, Ottawa Sun, Sun News network, Le Droit, CBC.ca and The National.

Ran Klein awarded a NSERC Discovery grant entitled: “Improving the accuracy of cardiac PET with motion-free imaging”. Rob deKemp is co-applicant. The grant is for $32K/year for 5 years.

Lisa Mielniczuk awarded a HSF grant as PI: 2013-2016 Title of Proposal: Right Ventricular substrate metabolism as a predictor of right heart failure in patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension.Total Amount: $220,950.00

David Allan and team provided important new information about how injured cells in blood vessels send out signals that work to recruit specialized stem cells, called endothelial-colony forming cells (ECFCs) which are critical to the process of repair. The team discovered that injury signals are specific to the type of injury and come from different cell types in the injured tissues. Dr. Allan hopes to use these findings to develop cell-based therapies to activate ECFCs for each type of injury. Details in PLoS One.

Gwynne Jones was the Ottawa site lead and co-author for a clinical trial recently published in New England Journal of Medicine that showed a nutrient supplement often given to critically ill patients with multi-organ failure appeared to be harmful. Details in the NEJM article.

Dean Fergusson contributed to a study which combined results from 12 studies in North America and northern Europe. Primary finding was that women who have had cosmetic breast implants are more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer later than women who didn’t have implants, and they were less likely to survive. Study was published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ). Dr. Fergusson recommends increased screening for those women who have breast implants.

Duncan Stewart was part of a ‘Panel of Influence’ that provided discussion on past, present and future of regenerative medicine.


$3 million of Federal funding (over 3 years) was announced on March 26th, 2013 as part of the 2013 Economic Action Plan. Funding went to the Pallium Foundation of Canada to support training in palliative and end-of-life care to front-line health care providers. José Pereira is the Pallium Foundation Director and Scientific Officer and was quoted as saying; “We need to provide care beyond current health care. Effective palliative care needs to take an integrated, team approach.” This includes nurses, pharmacists, family caregivers and spiritual support – “all play critical roles in providing quality end-of-life care.”

Susan Dent was named as Mentor of the Month in the recent April 2013 Newsletter from the Women in Cancer group. See www.womenincancer.org

Jolanta Karpinski has been named to the position of Fellowship Director in the Department of Medicine. The position will assist the Department and the subspecialty leads within Divisions in developing, promoting, monitoring and achieving excellence in fellowship training.


Tony Hakim has been inducted into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame for his visionary work creating the Canadian Stroke Network which has helped thousands of Canadian families deal with the affects of strokes and raises awareness about stroke prevention.

Jean DaSilva has been named the 2013 UOHI Basic Science Investigator of the Year.

Ben Chow has been named the 2013 UOHI Clinical Science Investigator of the Year.

Barb Power was awarded an Educator award from the University of Ottawa’s Undergraduate program for “promoting the health and well-being of physicians and physicians-in-training.”

Mary-Anne Doyle has received the CIHR Canadian HIV Trials Network (CTN) Postdoctoral Fellowship Award for the 2013/2014 fellowship year. Her project, supervised by Curtis Cooper, is entitled: “Preventing the Progression of Liver Fibrosis with Metformin in HCV-HIV co-infected patients.” Dr. Doyle has also received a $50,000 grant from the CTN Funding Opportunity Competition for the same project.

Lyndsay Murray from Dr. Rashmi Kothary’s lab won an Emerging Investigator award from FightSMA and the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation. Both organizations are dedicated to defeating childhood neuromuscular disorder spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). The award is designed to draw strong innovative talent into SMA research. Dr. Murray was the only Canadian winner of the award.

José Pereira, Shirley Bush, Pippa Hall, and Jill Rice et al had a winning poster at the University of Ottawa’s AIME Day, April 5th 2013. The project title was: ‘A systematic review of palliative care education assessment instruments.’

Paul Hebert has recently accepted a new role in Montreal as Physician-in-Chief at the Centre Hospitalier de L’Universite de Montreal (CHUM), effective June 1st, 2013. He will continue his clinical work in critical care, his research and his role as Chair of the Canadian Critical Care Trials Group.

Glen Goss has recently joined the editorial board for the Journal of Clinical Oncology which currently ranks 4th of 184 Oncology journals worldwide. Dr. Goss also served as guest editor for a special series on lung cancer that was published in March. Details in Journal of Clinical Oncology.