Kudos for February 2013


Alan Forster has shown that,  because adverse drug reactions occur in ~25%  of people  who are not in hospital or care facility  and that 25% of patients with new prescriptions will not take medication as directed, it can be beneficial to contact patients about their prescriptions using an automated phone system. Details in JAMA Internal Medicine.  Media coverage on CBC and iHealthBeat.

Kumanan Wilson commented on the controversy regarding childhood vaccination and autism after Jenny MCarthy dropped from Bust a Move cancer fundraiser. Details on CBC.

Gary Garber interviewed by Ottawa Sun in regards to the importance of getting the flu shot especially for healthcare workers.

Geriatric Assessment Unit on A1 at the Civic campus was featured in Health Matters for its participation in the ‘Move On Project’.  35 staff and an estimated 2,000 patients will be involved. The project will get seniors out of bed and moving around earlier.


Vicente Corrales-Medina is the lead author on a review article recently published in The Lancet. The article looks at the effects of pneumonia on the cardiovascular system and proposes that activity preventing cardiac complications in pneumonia patients could lead to better outcomes.

Jeremy Grimshaw leads the Canadian Cochrane Centre (CCC). CCC is celebrating a 20th anniversary in 2013 and will be releasing videos every few weeks in celebration. First 2 videos are entitled:

  • “Twenty years of the The Cochrane Collaboration: Looking back on the search for evidence.”
  • “The Cochrane Collaboration in low- and middle- income countries.” Can be seen on CCC YouTube channel.

Hematology and Cancer Centre nurses, Carol Hua-Yong and Annie Wereley are co-authors on a recent article entitled:  “Counselling and adverse event management for patients with myelodysplastic syndromes undergoing azacitidine therapy: a practice standard for Canadian nurses” in the Canadian Oncology  Nursing Journal.


CIHR 2013 Grant Announcements

KOTHARY, Rashmi K: Dystonin – a cytoskeletal linker protein critical for neuronal function

NGSEE, Johnny K: Loss of VAPB Function in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis-8 (ALS8)

TIBERI, Mario: Signaling mechanisms of D1-class dopaminergic receptors

FORSTER, Alan J: Information systems-enabled outreach program for Adverse Drug BEN, Robert, co-I: D Allan: Improving the Cryostorage of Blood Products Using Novel Small Molecule Cryoprotectants.

TAY, Jason, Co-I: D Allan, D Fergusson, A Tinmouth: Transfusion of Red Cells in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation: The TRIST Study

SCHWARTZMAN, Kevin & Gonzalo ALVAREZ (co-PIs): Modeling the impact of interventions for tuberculosis control in Inuit communities

MILLS, Edward J, Co-I: DW Cameron and C Cooper: Assessing the role of aging in HIV disease progression in Africa

AARON, Shawn D: The Canadian Respiratory Research Network; Exploring the Origin and Progression of Airway Disease

STEWART, Duncan J: The Vascular Network

JOHNSON, Ana, Co-I: P Wells and D Dowlatshahi: Evaluation of Blood Product Utilization, Healthcare Resource Consumption and Patient Outcomes in New Oral Anticoagulant-Related Hemorrhage.


Andreas Wielgosz has been awarded the Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal. Presentation will take place in Toronto, later in February.

Michel Lemay and the STEMI team have been awarded the 2014 Lumen Global Achievement Award  for their work in Ottawa in the field of STEMI.

Hans Leenen has been selected as a Distinguished Physiologist for the “Living History Program” of the American Physiology Society.

2012 AIME Medical Education Grants have been awarded. Successful applicants include the following Dept of Medicine members:

  • Mylène Coté – Assessing the Validity of a Multidisciplinary Mini-CEX: A Comparison to a Multidisciplinary OSCE
  • Samantha Hallman – DOCS (Direct Observation of Clinical Skills) Feedback Scale: Validation
  • Susan Humphrey-Murto – The Mini-Mini Clinical Evaluation Exercise – a shorter tool for competency based assessment in the workplace.