Faculty of Medicine Awards in Education

On Wednesday, December 12th, the Faculty of Medicine held their 2012 Awards in Education honouring students and faculty members in recognition of their outstanding academic achievement. Several of the awards went to members of the Department of Medicine including:

  • Dr. Bob Bell – Educator Award Professional Competency, Anglophone Stream (For having demonstrated a high level of professionalism)
  • Dre Louise Laram√©e – Prix de l’educateur Comp√©tence <<¬†√™tre humain >>, volet francophone (Pour avoir promu la sant√© et le mieux-√™tre des m√©dicins et des m√©dicins stagiaires)
  • Dr. Mark Tyndall – Prix de l’√©ducateur Comp√©tence <<avocat-d√©fenseur de la sant√© >>, volet francophone (Pour avoir fait preuve d’un niveau exceptionnel de compassion envers les patients)
  • Dre Sylvie Gr√©goire – Prix de l’√©ducateur Comp√©tence << communicateur >>, volet francophone (Pour avoir communiqu√© clairement et efficacement m√™me devant l’adversit√©)
  • Dr. Barb Power – Educator Award Person Competency, Anglophone Stream (For promoting the health and well-being of physicians and physicians in training)
  • Dr. Michael Froeschl – Educator Award Communicator Competency (For communicating clearly and effectively even in the face of adversity)

Each year the Department of Medicine donates prizes that are presented to two students, one from each language stream, who demonstrate outstanding clinical performance in each clerkship rotation. Congratulations to the following 2012 recipients:

  • Rebecca Rockman – Department of Medicine, Anglophone Stream
  • Caroline Ranger – D√©partement de m√©dicine, volet francophone