Successful applicants for the 1st Patient Quality and Safety Research competition

The Patient Quality & Safety Committee has established an awards program to support research projects/innovative programs being designed, implemented and evaluated by members of the Department of Medicine. The mandate of this new research program will be to support two (2) strategic priorities: Patient Safety and Quality Improvement.

PQ&S 2012 Grants - Successful Applicants

Principal applicant: Sunita Mulpuru

Project title: Analysis of Use and Cost of Nasopharyngeal Swabs at The Ottawa Hospital

Investigators: Sunita Mulpuru & Alan Forster

Principal applicant: Franco Momoli

Project title: NO TITLE – Plan to study the impact of specific interventions aimed at improving quality indicators in colonoscopy

Investigators: Avijit Chatterjee, Ralph Lee, Ramy Abaskharoun, Franco Momoli

Principal applicant: Janine Malcolm/Sharon Brez

Project Title: Implementation of Standardized Best Practices for Reducing Diabetes Foot Ulcer Risk

Investigators: Janine Malcolm, Sharon Brez, Sheryl Izzi

Principal applicant: Phil Wells/Dimitri Scarvelis/Lana Castellucci/Esteban Gandara

Project title: Improving the care of patients who require temporary interruption of anticoagulants

Investigators: Esteban Gandara, Lana Castellucci, Kerstin Hogg, Dimitri Scarvelis, Phil Wells

Principal applicant: David Allan

Project title: Improving Patient Safety by Optimizing Use of Single Donor Apheresis Platelets for Patients Undergoing Blood & Marrow Transplantation at The Ottawa Hospital

Investigators: David Allan, Christopher Bredeson, Jason Tay, Antonio Giulivi, Melanie Tokessy

Principal applicant: Carl Van Walraven/ Alan Forster

Project title: Ottawa Avoidable Readmission Study (OARS)

Investigators: Carl Van Walraven & Alan Forster

This was a very successful grant competition as we received 17 applications. Further details with regards to amounts of funds awarded and expected deliverables will be forthcoming. Congratulations to the successful applicants.