Celebrating 60 Years of Hematology in Ottawa

On May 31, 2012 the Division of Hematology held a symposium celebrating “60 years of Hematology in Ottawa”. The event included a patient centered and patient focused half-day, the grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony of the new “Ottawa Blood Disease Centre” and the unveiling of a Hematology History wall. The symposium was well attended by the Faculty of Medicine, members of The Ottawa Hospital Senior Management Team, patients, industry representatives and media.

Ribbon cutting above (left to right): Dr. Jacques Bradwejn (Dean, Faculty of Medicine University of Ottawa), Dr. Phil Wells (Chair/Chief Department of Medicine), Dr. Marc Rodger (Head Division of Hematology), Dr. Jack Kitts (CEO The Ottawa Hospital)

Cake cutting above (left to right): Dr. Lothar Huebsch, Dr. M.T. “Bertie” Aye, Dr. Janis Bormanis

Ottawa Blood Disease Centre

The opening of the Ottawa Blood Disease Centre represents a huge milestone in improving care for patients with blood disease in Ottawa. This world-class facility, located in the Centre for Practice Changing Research, gives a home to our internationally recognized centre of excellence for patient care, research and education in Blood Disease. This will improve patient care, accelerate life-saving research and help us train tomorrow’s leaders in blood disease.

Prior to the opening of the Ottawa Blood Disease Centre our team was dispersed in 9 locations in 6 buildings on 2 campuses. This world-class facility brings our blood doctors and allied health professionals together, under one roof, which will improve patient care. How will it improve patient care? Well, everyone has heard the old adage that two heads are better than one; well 100 heads are even better. Doctors, pharmacists, nurses, scientists and support staff crossing paths on a daily basis to interact to improve blood disease patient care. Early next year our patients will also benefit from new outpatient US, lab and clinic facilities just adjacent to the Blood Disease Center.

The Ottawa Blood Disease Center also brings all our blood disease trainees together under one roof along with all their teachers ensuring that we optimally develop tomorrow’s leaders in Blood Disease who will provide care to future patients both in our region and elsewhere.

The Ottawa Blood Disease Centre is also now the hub for Blood Disease research in Ottawa supporting our world-class scientists. We are very proud to say that the Division of Hematology has recently recruited one of the top scientists in the world in blood clotting disorders, Dr. Gregoire Le Gal. Dr. Le Gal did advanced research training here in Ottawa with us and fell in love with our country, city and program. One important factor leading to his decision to choose Ottawa was these new world-class facilities. The synergies of bringing our scientists together and recruiting new scientists who will want to work in state of the art facilities will no doubt lead to important discoveries that will alleviate suffering for future generations of patients with Blood Disease around the world.