Debra Pugh organizes first procedures OSCE

Congratulations to Debra Pugh for organizing our first procedures OSCE held April 18th, 2012. There were 5 stations, administered in 5 simultaneous tracks with 50 residents and 26 faculty participating (despite being the same night as a SENS playoff game!) It involved live standardized patients and nurses, as well as mannequins. Residents were expected to make a decision about the need to perform the procedure including the indications and contra-indications (such as an elevated INR in a patient requiring an LP); obtain consent from the standardized patient; collaborate with the nurse, and perform the procedure on the mannequin. The residents had to deal with complications that were built into the cases and also had to interpret findings.

This is the first OSCE of its kind for Internal Medicine residents, as far as we know. Debra had surveyed Canadian IM program directors and residents a few years ago and no one was even coming close to something this sophisticated.

Great work which will benefit our residents and training program tremendously! Thanks to all who participated.