Kudos for April 2012



Mark Tyndall featured in Ottawa Magazine April 2012 issue. He is presented as “ one of the country’s top infectious disease experts – and a man on a mission to get Ottawa its own safe injection site.”

John Bell and other members of his team were featured on the Quebec-based science television show, Decouverte. The piece explored their work in developing viruses to fight cancer and included a recently published paper in Nature which showed that oncolytic viruses can selectively target tumours in humans after systemic delivery through the blood stream.

Duncan Stewart was quoted in an Ottawa Citizen article in reference to a Nature commentary suggesting that benefits could be even greater if more care was taken in using blinding, randomization and other rigorous techniques in pre-clinical animal research. Dr. Stewart and Dean Fergusson are doing research in this area.

David Grimes was interviewed by Hamilton Spectator about his involvement in the Ontario Health Study.

Jeff Turnbull interviewed by Vancouver Courier about his research on homeless people with chronic alcoholism in Canada.

Rakesh Patel interviewed by CTV, CBC, and Ottawa Citizen about the Sandoz drug shortage and its impact on The Ottawa Hospital.

Michael Rudnicki and Harry Atkins gave presentations at 2nd Annual StemCellTalks on March 22nd in Ottawa. The event allowed 150 high school students a chance to learn about the latest stem cell research.

Derek So and his team at UOHI have developed the world’s first bedside DNA test designed to tell doctors about a patient’s genes in minutes. The nurse swabs a few cells from inside the patient’s mouth and can see results immediately. Media coverage in Vancouver Sun and National Post.


Rashmi Kothary in the media promoting the Ottawa Hospital / CHEO lottery. He is quoted as saying: “Not only does it support care, it also supports groundbreaking research that is an important benchmark for any health facility.”

Rashmi Kothary and his team have discovered that a drug called fasudil can dramatically extend lifespan, increase muscle fibre size and normalize some kinds of behaviour in mice with spinal muscular atrophy. New treatments are needed for SMA and this holds promise. See BMC Medicine for details.

Dar Dowlatshahi, Cheemun Lum and others have shown that a CT scan can help doctors predict which patients are at risk of continued bleeding in the brain after stroke. This information paves the way for clinical trials that will investigate clotting medications that may be able to halt this bleeding and prevent some of the damage caused by these strokes.

Rashmi Kothary and his team shedding light on a family of proteins that play a crucial role in the health of the nervous system and may also play a role in certain neurodegenerative diseases. Details in Journal of Cell Biology.


Peter Magner and Deborah Zimmerman have been awarded more than $150,000 through Baxter’s clinical grant program to develop a novel handheld electronic tool to help people with severe kidney disease mange the level of phosphate in their blood.

Christina Addison and Mark Clemons have been awarded a $50,000 grant from Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation to investigate novel biomarkers that could help tailor treatments for breast cancer patients with bone metastases. Specifically, they are looking at BSP and FAK, which may play a role in the spread of cancer to the bone, and my help predict the severity of the disease.

Gonzalo Alvarez received $450,000 for 2 TB research projects from the Ministry of Health. One of the new projects will focus on enhancing TB awareness among high school students while the other project involves evaluating a novel rapid molecular test for TB. Media coverage in Nunatsiaq News and Brandon Sun.

NIH Grant

  • Rodger, Marc A pilot study of LMWH for post-partum prophylaxis in women at risk of venous thromboembolism. 2011-2012 $300,331

Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada

Grant in Aid Competition from Sept 2011:

  • Burgon, Patrick (Ottawa Heart Institute), Manifestation of Cardiac Related Laminopathies, 2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $70,683
  • Carrier, Marc (Ottawa Hospital Research Institute), The Management of Subsegmental Pulmonary Embolism: A Prospective Cohort Study (SUSPECT), 2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $70,025
  • Dowlatshahi, Dar (University of Ottawa), Predicting intracerebral hemorrhage expansion using the dynamic CT-angiography spot sign., 2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $48,360
  • Gollob, Michael (University of Ottawa Heart Institute), Clinical Genetic Testing in the Evaluation of Familial Atrial Fibrillation, 1 Year, New Annual (Pending), $40,000
  • Leenen, Frans (Ottawa Heart Institute), Molecular Dissection of Brain Mechanisms Contributing to HF post MI., 2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $67,147
  • Mielniczuk, Lisa (University of Ottawa Heart Institute), Right ventricular metabolism and malonyl-coA decarboxylase inhibition in experimental right ventricular failure, 2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $51,461
  • Ooi, Teik (University of Ottawa), Effect of Loss of Function Variants on Postprandial Lipemia in Humans, 2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $69,417
  • Park, David (University of Ottawa), Mechanisms of delayed death in stroke, 2 Years, Renewal (Pending), $69,674
  • Reid, Robert (University of Ottawa Heart Institute), Ecologically Optimizing Exercise Maintenance in Men and Women Following Cardiac Rehabilitation: A Randomized Controlled Trial of Efficacy with Economics, 2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $80,400
  • Wells, Philip (Ottawa Hospital Research Institute), Analysis of Pro-coagulant Markers for the prediction of therapeutic failure during anticoagulation in cancer patients at high-risk for recurrence of Venous Thromboembolism: A pilot study, 2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $80,468

CIHR Grant

  • Lauralyn McIntyre has received a $367,000 grant from CIHR and a $75,000 grant from the Stem Cell Network to lead the first clinical trial in the world of a stem cell therapy for septic shock.


Heather Lochnan received an honourable mention at the Annual Academy for Innovation in Medical Education (AIME) day for her presentation on “Shhhh….Don’t tell. Employing concept mapping methods to understand why lapses in professionalism are not reported.” Her presentation was ranked 4 of 24 oral abstracts.

Michael Schlossmacher has been awarded a renewal of his Canada Research Chair in Parkinson’s Disease. The award is worth $500,000 over 5 years and will allow Dr. Schlossmacher to advance his research using genetic clues to understand the development of Parkinson’s and develop new approaches for treatment and diagnosis.

Jonathan Angel, President of the Canadian Association for HIV Research, will be playing a key role in the 21st Canadian Conference on HIV / AIDS Research to be held in Montreal from April 19th -22nd.