Department researchers awarded $4.8M at ceremony led by Ontario Minister of Research and Innovation Glen Murray

Top left to right: Ontario Minister of Research and Innovation Glen Murray, Ottawa Centre MPP Yasir Naqvi, Dr. Alan Forster with mock-up patient Chrissie DeCurtis Cloutier
Bottom left to right: CFRA reporter interviewing Dr. Michael Rudnicki, Glen Murray with Alan Forster, eTrigger tablet

Drs. Michael Rudnicki and Alan Forster, both from the Department of Medicine, had an opportunity to talk one-on-one yesterday with the Minister of Research and Innovation Glen Murray. As part of an Ontario Research Fund announcement held at The Ottawa Hospital, Dr. Forster demonstrated his “eTrigger” technology and explained how the development of electronic an-algorithms could trigger alerts and that these alerts could be built directly into a physicians workflow to help manage and prevent medical errors from occurring. Dr. Forster was awarded $1.7M to develop this leading-edge technology, a project that would not have been possible without the ongoing support from the Department of Medicine research awards program.

Dr. Rudnicki’s team will receive $3.1M to develop biological drugs that stimulate the regeneration and repair of heart, pancreas and muscle tissue.

Congratulations to our researchers for leading the way in developing new technologies and treatments that will have a major impact on healthcare and medicine.


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