Centre for Innovative Cancer Research Grand Opening


Dr. John Bell (above left), Division of Medical Oncology, was among many distinguished guests who addressed a large audience at The Ottawa Hospital’s new Centre for Innovative Cancer Research (CICR) Grand Opening Ceremony last week.

Dr. Bell ¬†is a leader in cancer research; he and his team have recently developed a number of “oncolytic” viruses that target and infect cancer cells, leaving normal tissue unharmed. This innovative treatment has the potential to transform how cancer patients are treated. ¬†He described how the new $15.8M laboratory will help accelerate the development and testing of new cancer therapies and gives researchers here in Ottawa a huge advantage and opportunity to lead the world in this field. In addition, the new Centre will provide advanced training opportunities for more than 50 students each year.

As part of the kick off, The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute held guided tours of the new facilities giving visitors an overview of new technologies. The tour also included a glimpse at the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Lab (above right), a Health Canada compliant clean lab that will facilitate the development of therapeutic viruses used in clinical trials.

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