Kudos for March 2011

Recognizing significant contributions and achievements from the members of the Department of Medicine in the form of awards, grants, media mentions and publications.


Dr. Gunnar Kraag presented with coveted Distinguished Rheumatologist Award for 2011 at Canadian Rheumatology Association Annual Meeting. This is a prestigious award which demonstrates the gratitude and respect of Canadian rheumatologists for Dr. Kraag.


Dr. Paul MacPherson received the 2010 Young Professor Award from the U of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine.


Dr. Paul Hebert interviewed by Montreal Gazette and other media concerning report that obese patients are posing significant challenges for health care system.

Dr. Jeff Turnbull interviewed on CBC news in regards to a recent study that found that 20% of homeless people with TB die within one year of diagnosis. Dr. Turnbull felt that the study’s bleak picture should push cities to spend more on sustainable and supportive housing.

Dr. Kumanan Wilson interviewed in Globe and Mail about a new study he published which suggests that Canada should adopt a no-fault compensation program for people who sustain rare vaccine-related injuries. Canada and Russia are the only G8 nations lacking this type of program. Study was published in Munk School Briefings.

Dr. Mark Clemons interviewed by CBC regarding a study that demonstrates that some early-stage breast cancer patients can avoid aggressive lymph node surgery without increasing their chances of recurrence or death. The study is changing medical practice around the world and Canadians should be proud  that our TOH researchers were responsible for much of the initial work that led to this study. Study was published in JAMA.

Dr. Mukul Sharma’s study on identifying patients with the treatable heart condition, atrial fibrillation, received special attention at International Stroke Conference. His study showed that this condition occurs twice as often in patients who have had a mini-stroke accompanied by speech problems, compared to mini-stroke patients without speech problems.

Dr. Michael Rudnicki quoted in Los Angeles Times regarding the death of Dr. Ernest McCulloch, one of the founding fathers of stem cell research. Dr. Rudnicki commented that Till and McCulloch’s work provided the theoretical underpinnings for bone marrow stem cell transplantation which has saved countless lives over the last 40 years.

Cochrane Collaboration, co-chaired by Dr. Jeremy Grimshaw, has been awarded a seat on the World Health Organization’s World Assembly.


Dr. Michael Schlossmacher published a study in Lancet Neurology that advances the development of a new biochemical test for Parkinson’s Disease.