Kudos for January 2011

Recognizing significant contributions and achievements from the members of the Department of Medicine in the form of awards, grants, media mentions and publications.


Paul MacPherson has been nominated for a young professor award at the Faculty to be awarded later this month.

Dennis Bulman recently appointed as a Fellow of the Canadian College of Medical Genetics. Over the years, Dr. Bulman has made a number of important discoveries regarding the genetics of Parkinson’s Disease and other neurological and developmental disorders.


Gonzalo Alvarez received 800K from PHAC for TAIMA TB study and 15K from CIHR for LOI.

Papers of Note:

A new study has been published in EMBO Journal by Marjorie Brand which shows how a protein involved in the development of red blood cells can also promote the development of leukemia.

Christina Addison and colleagues have found a new biomarker to predict which lung cancer patients are likely to benefit from a new targeted anti-cancer therapy. Study is published in Journal of Clinical Oncology.

Leo Renaud has made an important discovery about a new class of drugs that are being explored as potential treatments for anxiety and schizophrenia. They found that compounds that target “metabotropic glutamate receptors” have a dramatic effect on the region of the brain that is thought to be involved in motivation and stress response. Study is published in Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics.


Dean Fergusson was quoted in the Ottawa Citizen about the new Ontario Health Study which will track the health of 2,000,000 Ontarians over many decades. He noted that the study will provide invaluable data for researchers seeking to understand the factors that contribute to cancer, heart disease and other health conditions.

Kathy Suh interviewed on CBC about high occupancy rates at The Ottawa Hospital causing higher than normal rates of antibiotic resistant “super bugs”, including VRE, MRSA and C-Difficile.