Kudos for December 2010

Recognizing significant contributions and achievements from the members of the Department of Medicine in the form of awards, grants, media mentions and publications.


Dr. Shawn Aaron – CTPC (Clinical Teaching Personnel Committee) promotion.

Dr. Tara Tucker awarded the Award for Excellence – Collaborator Competency for being an excellent e-Portfolio coach. She received the award on December 8th at the Faculty of Medicine’s Awards in Education ceremony.

Three researchers honoured at The Ottawa Hospital Gala:

  • Melissa Bowerman awarded the Dr. Ronald G. Worton Researcher in Training Award for promising work developing new treatments for muscular dystrophy under supervision of Dr. Rashmi Kothary.
  • Dr. Lynn Megeney awarded the Dr. Michel Chretien Researcher of the Year Award for ground-breaking  work on stem cell development.
  • Dr. John Bell received the Dr. J. David Grimes Research Career Achievement Award for pioneering work on oncolytic viruses for cancer therapy.

Dr. Kevin Burns awarded the Kidney Foundation of Canada’s 2010 Medal for Research Excellence.

Dr. Gonzalo Alvarez awarded the Dept of Medicine’s Jeff Turnbull Contributions to International Medicine Award for his “ unwavering dedication to improving the quality of tuberculosis care in South Africa and Nunavut.

Dr. Alan Karovitch awarded Dept of Medicine’s 2010 Residents’ Choice Award.

Dr. Harvey Finkelstein awarded Canadian Dermatology Association, Residents & Fellows Society Clinical Teaching Award.


Dr. Heather Lochnan received Canadian Association Medical Education Award of Merit 2010; Canadian Society of Endocrinology & Metabolism Educator of the Year.

Dr. Melissa Forgie received two student-selected Faculty of Medicine Excellence Awards:

  1. Prix d’excellence – compétence être humain
  2. Prix d’excellence – compétence avocat-défenseur de la santé

Dr. Janine Malcolm awarded the Dept of Medicine’s Going the Extra Mile Award.

Dept of Medicine’s Meredith Marks Educator Award for Innovation & Scholarship in Medical Education awarded to Dr. Timothy Wood (Adjunct Professor, DoM)

Dr. Janet Squires in Dr. Jeremy Grimshaw’s group has been awarded the CIHR Bisby Prize for #1 ranking in CIHR’s Fellowship Program for allied health professionals.


Dr. Michael Schlossmacher received $120,000 in funding from the Parkinson Society of Canada to screen existing drugs for their effect on alpha-synuclein, a protein that accumulates in the brains of people with Parkinson’s.


Dr. Mark Tyndall interviewed by CBC radio on HIV drugs and the effort to reduce HIV infection rates.

Dr. Jeffrey Dilworth’s Canada Research Chair officially renewed as part of the 10th Anniversary celebration of the CRC program.

Dr. Mark Freedman interviewed by Toronto Star about an Ontario multiple sclerosis patient who died after receiving the “Liberation Therapy” in Costa Rica. Dr. Freedman commented that the procedure is yet unproven and potentially dangerous and complications are not being documented properly.

Papers of Note:

Dr. Shawn Aaron and his group published new research showing that 15% of Ontario Cystic fibrosis patients are infected with a strain of bacteria that makes them 2x as likely to die or require lung transplant within 3 years. Research was published in JAMA.

Dr. Al Forster and colleagues showed the importance of infection control in a paper published in Archives of Internal Medicine. They used The Ottawa Hospital Data Warehouse for data collection.

Dr. Xiaohui Zha and her group have discovered a potential new strategy to reduce cholesterol build-up in blood vessels. Research published in Journal of Biological Chemistry.


Dr. David Allan and colleagues have found that certain sugar solutions are better than others for preserving umbilical cord blood stem cells during thawing and freezing. Paper published in Carbohydrate Research.

Dr. Majambu Mbikay published a study that provides new insight into how the body controls appetite and weight gain. Paper published in Life Sciences.

Dr. Michael McBurney was featured in a Uottawa’s Research Perspectives journal for his research on resveratrol, a natural compound that has been shown to increase lifespan and prevent cancer in lab models.